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Reading: Fall for Darker Shades

Fall for Darker Shades

4 min read

As the days become darker and fall gives way to winter, we have a natural tendency to retreat into the warmth and comfort of our homes. This instinctual switch to hibernation mode also perfectly aligns with emerging trends in interior design that are embracing the dramatic and sensorial nature of darker colours.

From Caesarstone’s newest dark surfaces to nuanced lighting and soft shadows, designers around the world are embracing darkness to create enveloping, meditative spaces that encourage introspection and foster deeper connection.

The Forecast Calls for Greys and Browns

The latest colour forecasts note a significant increase in darker shades like grey and brown in a range of tints. Notable within the rise of browns is dark oak, a rich and timeless tone that leads the shift in contemporary interiors towards darker wood finishes. Reminiscent of steely winter skies, sleet grey is a classic, core colour with renewed popularity, as we seek to bring quiet and calm to our inner sanctuaries and find solace at home.

Fall for Darker Shades
3101 Piatto Black

Feel the flow

As we think more about the colours that keep us cozy, we also need to consider how our spaces can help keep us organized and inspired. Since we’re spending more time at home, the concepts of feng shui and flow have become more important than ever. The simple acts of cleaning, eliminating clutter and rearranging furniture have been shown to create a sense of positive change and purpose, as well as providing some extra mental stimulation. So make it a priority to clean your space and clear your mind at the same time.

Room to Think

With work, and sometimes school, now taking place in the home, it’s essential to create dedicated zones for daily activities. If you haven’t already, be sure to set up a clearly defined workspace that lets you organize projects and respond to emails in peace, in an uncluttered environment that leaves room for deep thinking. Modular designs help configure your space for what you need to do, and can easily be moved when work is done. Hybrid desks are great options that also act as shelves when not needed as a work surface. The durability of a Caesarstone kitchen island countertop makes it a perfect place to get down to business during the day or catch up on some homework after dinner.

Fall for Darker Shades
5101 Empira Black

Streamlined Storage

With cleanouts inspired by organizational guru Marie Kondo happening in homes around the world, storage has been thrust into the spotlight. As we clear our homes of cheap goods, unwanted clothes and knick-knacks that no longer bring us joy, we are more focused on fewer items of higher quality. Along with this trend, we’re seeing more streamlined and well-designed storage options. Since we’re holding onto the things that matter longer, look for storage that, much like Caesarstone, is beautiful and built to last. Moving away from plastic bins, modern storage solutions feature higher quality materials like wood, in neutral shades that will fit in well with evolving design trends.

Harmonious Hues

Circling back to colour, another standout for interiors moving forward is jade, a nourishing shade of natural green with a calming quality and enduring appeal. This deep green hue creates a particularly cozy feeling in combination with warm wood tones. This popular palette is an enduring colour scheme that lets the darker wood elements contrast with the deep, saturated green. This pairing is also beautifully complemented by other earth tones like cream, tan and khaki. For a layered look, consider leather accent pieces that add to the richness of both the wood and jewel tones.

Cozy accessories

As we spend more time cozying up inside this fall and winter, it’s important to maintain a connection to the outdoors in our interior design. While Caesarstone quartz surfaces are one beautiful way to do that, additional options include earth-toned walls and textiles, and furniture made from natural materials. Also consider décor items such as wood branch accents, and dress your shelves in seasonal colours like soothing cream and deep chestnut.

Fall for Darker Shades
4735 Oxidian

Complementary Colours

Caesarstone’s newest colours beautifully complement the trend towards deeper shades and bring the art of darkness to the surface. From the luxe look of Empira Black and the unified matte aesthetic of Piatto Black to the aged patina of rusted Oxidian and the weathered, granular character of Black Tempal, the Dark Collection showcases a striking variety of contemporary hues that bring more warmth and emotion to the home, at a time when we need it most. 

Fall for Darker Shades
5810 Black Tempal

Get into the dark

Take a closer look at all of our new dark colours for 2020 and beyond, and get up-close and personal with your favourite shade by ordering a sample or visiting one of our showrooms.