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Reading: Grey Quartz Countertops

Grey Quartz Countertops

April 22, 2022
5 min read

Grey quartz countertops are among the most sought-after surfaces in home design today, and this comes as no surprise.   

As a neutral shade, grey is highly versatile and can transform any kitchen or bathroom space. Whether it’s a warm, comfy hue for a welcoming atmosphere or a cool, crisp tone to brighten a space, grey will beautifully blend any homeowner’s design aesthetics. Besides, it is a peerless choice for any homeowner looking for a bright colour but who also wants an alternative to white.

While grey countertops are produced in a wide variety of materials, grey quartz surfaces are easy to care for and offer an unmatched durability, a non-porous nature, and a striking appeal.

6313 Turbine Grey

Quartz countertops are manufactured by combining ground quartz with resins and colour pigments. The result is a naturally hard and visually appealing countertop. In particular, grey quartz countertop colours feature a neutral look that is the focal point in any kitchen or bathroom space. Whether solid or veined, glossy or matte, grey quartz countertops project a spectacular, memorable style.

Grey quartz countertops come in various colours and patterns. Whether you’re looking for a bright and eye-catching look for a contemporary space or something subtle and more traditional, you can find a perfect fit for your home.

Read on for seven grey quartz countertop ideas to inspire you for your next kitchen or bathroom countertop project.

Grey Quartz Countertop Ideas 

Warm, Inviting Grey Quartz Countertops 

You can never go wrong with a warm and inviting countertop design. If that is what you’re looking to achieve for your space, 5211 Noble Grey by Caesarstone is one of many stunning options. With darker shades and creamy hues of white, this colour will seamlessly pair with other kitchen elements, such as the cabinets and backsplash. The soft grey base can also serve to create a cohesive look within the kitchen space.

Dark Grey Quartz Countertops 

When it comes to dark grey quartz countertops, there are several options homeowners can choose from to elevate their space.

A solid grey countertop like 2003 Concrete will help bring a minimalistic design to life. This concrete-inspired look is ideal for any modern or industrial-style kitchen.

If you’re a fan of clean, contemporary spaces, 4120 Raven will do the trick. A play of light on smoky-slate greys, this slightly dappled colour adds a delicate, yet breathtaking appeal.

Interest-Filled Grey Quartz Countertops 

Grey countertops are notoriously dynamic. In fact, choosing a potent quartz countertop colour like 6313 Turbine Grey is a great way to achieve a high-powered look in your home. A nuanced palette of grey swirls, this surface allows the space to pick up on other colours in the room with just the right level of contrast. The grey swirls also add a certain degree of kinetic energy, a feature that may lack in a solid grey surface.

White and Grey Quartz Countertops

Like black and white countertop designs, a white and grey quartz never goes out of style. The classic look achieved by this grey and white blend is the perfect choice for a contemporary or traditional kitchen or bathroom design.

For instance, the subtle white tones in Caesarstone’s 5133 Symphony Grey add a certain depth to the countertop, making it stand out from the crowd.

Marble-Like Quartz Countertops 

If you have your heart set on grey quartz but love the look of marble stone, 5003 Piatra Grey is your ideal match. This chalky, white-veined quartz countertop draws any eye in the room with its classic, earthy presence.

Concrete-Inspired Quartz Countertops 

If you’re looking to add a cozy rustic or an edgy industrial vibe to your kitchen space, Caesarstone offers a variety of concrete-inspired countertops. For a homey feel, 4001 Fresh Concrete is a subtle grey colour that breathes a crisp, yet warm energy into any design. With its delicate flecks of grey, this colour is a go-to pick for anyone looking to subtly elevate the look of their home.

Light Grey Quartz Countertops 

If you’re renovating a kitchen or bathroom with less natural light, you’re likely to look for a countertop with high contrast. Similarly, if your bathroom or kitchen space is small, you want a countertop that makes the area appear larger than it is.

In both of these cases, white countertops are the go-to choice for most homeowners and designers. If white isn’t your preferred colour, you have the alternative option of choosing a light grey countertop.

4044 Airy Concrete is a concrete-inspired grey, swirling with clouds of darker hues and white flashes. Alternatively, consider 5000 London Grey with its soft charcoal veins which dance across a creamy, opaque base. Like whites, light grey quartz countertops will make a small room look spacious while creating a subtle, yet clean aesthetic.

5133 Symphony Grey

Go for Grey  

When it comes to countertop colours, grey is still one of the most popular choices, and for a good reason. Given the grey quartz countertop ideas above, you can see that there is a wide spectrum of available styles to complement the look of any home.

The only drawback is having to choose which grey among this vast range of colour options is the right countertop pick for you and your kitchen or bathroom. Ask this question to make the final call: Which grey quartz countertop best resonates with your design needs and style? Then go on to pick a colour, pattern and finish that matches best with your unique space.