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Reading: How to Organize Your Bathroom

How to Organize Your Bathroom

September 9, 2021
3 min read

Tips and tricks for keeping your bathroom in order
With the right organizational tips and a little bit of daily upkeep, you can keep you bathroom space neat and tidy all day, every day. Use the following tips for organizing your bathroom space and help your bathroom run like a well-oiled machine.

Built in Shelving
One of the best ways to get the most use out of your limited space bathroom is by installing built-in shelving. This allows you to maximize your storage space by keeping all of your everyday items close at hand. Built in shelving works great as a wainscoting too and can help keep your bathroom space organized as well as stylish. Caesarstone works great for shelving, especially in wet locations around showers, sinks and tubs.

Magazine Racks
We each have our own bathroom rituals, and one of the most common ones is enjoying a read while we’re in there. When scattered magazines and books litter up the back of your water closet, it’s time to put them into a well-organized space like a magazine rack. Many of these classic storage units can easily be attached to walls, cabinets and even behind doors to make good use of limited space.

bathroom Design - Caesarstone

Towel Racks
Towel bars are great for hanging your wet and used towels, but what about your fresh towels? Many bathroom designers leave out this important part of bathroom design or assume bathroom dwellers will just reach under the vanity or in a nearby linen closet for fresh towels. A wall mounted towel rack is a great way to maximize space, create clever storage and add to the décor of your bathroom space.

Mesh Bags
Shower supplies can quickly fill up a built in soap dish or shower caddy. That’s why a mesh shower bag or two is a good idea for your everyday shower supplies. A mesh bag is a great catch all for shower gels, shaving lotions and shampoo bottles, and it can get wet in the shower but still dry off easily to prevent mildew or mold growth.

Bathroom Countertops - Caesarstone

Drawer Organizers
Hair ties, makeup applicators and bobby pins all have one thing in common—they are easy to lose in an open drawer. By using drawer organizers for your smaller, everyday bathroom products, a clever way to store all of these goods without getting them mixed up in a jumble.

Cordless Appliances
If you’re looking to minimize a bathroom vanity that’s cluttered with hair dryers, irons and other plug-in bathroom appliances, opt out for cordless appliances to gain more room. Their unique storage/charger caddies help hold everyday bathroom appliances out of the way, yet still close at hand so you can easily use them when you need them without digging them out of a drawer or cabinet.

Double Vanity
Have you ever heard the expression “Two heads are better than one”? Well the same is true for sinks: Two sinks are better than one—especially in a shared bathroom space. Double up on your sinks and you’ll double up on storage and vanity space, allowing you to organize your shared bathroom space with ease.
Double Vanity - Caesarstone

One Year Rule
It’s a good idea to go through your bathroom supplies once a year and toss out the supplies that have gone bad or are taking up too much space. The basic rule of thumb for bathroom supplies is this: if you haven’t used it in over a year—throw it out!

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