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Reading: Kitchen Bar Design Ideas

Kitchen Bar Design Ideas

September 9, 2021
2 min read

A breakfast bar is not only one of the hottest trends in kitchen remodeling today, but also a great way to make your island multifunctional. A multi-leveled island or bar allows you to create an area that can be used for meal preparation as well as eating and entertaining. Designing your new kitchen should be fun and exciting! Including a breakfast bar will add both style and comfort to your new home and will surely bring your family years of enjoyment.

Kitchen Breakfast Bar Designs for Small Kitchens

If your kitchen is small, you may think that you are going to have to forgo a kitchen bar in your remodel. But that simply isn’t true. The great thing about a breakfast bar is that it can be achieved by adjusting the island size to have a slight overhang so you can fit barstools underneath. If you’re concerned about forgoing storage space for an eat-in area, don’t worry. You can install drawers or cabinets under the breakfast bar countertop for additional space.

Kitchen Breakfast Bar Designs for Country Kitchens

When you imagine a country kitchen, the mind automatically jumps to a large wooden table off to the side of the prep area. A breakfast bar is a modern take on a country kitchen design. Why not widen the kitchen island countertop to include space for stools? Hang some lantern–style lighting fixtures above the island and you have yourself a modern, country kitchen.

Kitchen Breakfast Bar Designs for Modern Kitchens

One interesting element in the breakfast bar are the stools themselves. For a modern look, try a jazzy pattern or colours to offset black or charcoal countertops. Or perhaps you could pair your butcher block island countertop with stainless appliances. Either way, your breakfast bar can be a stylish addition to your kitchen.

Kitchen Breakfast Bar Design Ideas and Tips

Designing your new kitchen can be a daunting task, which is why people use designers or software to help them make decisions. Here are some tips to make the process go more smoothly:

  • Choose a functional, yet stylish breakfast bar without compromising storage space.
  • Use colour to your advantage—pair neutrals with bright hues.
  • Try a stone look with a quartz countertop in a concrete colour.
  • Use Caesarstone’s Visualiser to help you see how your kitchen will look.