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Reading: Kitchen Storage Ideas - Small Kitchen Organization

Kitchen Storage Ideas - Small Kitchen Organization

September 9, 2021
3 min read

Living with an undersized kitchen doesn’t mean you need to accept having a cluttered countertop or overstuffed drawers. Here are some of our favorite kitchen storage ideas to help maximize space and keep your kitchen looking neat and tidy.

Hang a pegboard or a cook rack! This space-saving technique is a great way to declutter your cabinets. Turning your wall or celing into a place for pots, pans and even utensils is a great way to maximize storage, add character to your kitchen space, and make your cookware easily accessible.

Island Shelving – The island base of your kitchen countertop is the perfect place for additional storage. Adding shelving or cupboards to the base of your island is a great way to store coffee mugs and other small kitchen items.

Magnetic Knife Rack – Install a magnetic strip above countertops, and your paring, bread and chef’s knives will always be easy to find, within arm’s reach.

Open Shelving above Countertops – The addition of open shelving above your kitchen countertop is a great place to keep your spices and favorite cookware tools. The perfect modern addition to a traditional kitchen!

Fridge Side Shelf – Make the most out of your kitchen space by utilizing the gap between the fridge and the wall. A sliding shelving unit is a fantastic place to store your most frequently used pantry items.

Mounted Dish Drying Rack – Dish drying racks can take up a lot of surface area, which isn’t ideal in a small kitchen space. Mounted dish racks rest vertically along your wall, are easily removeable, and declutter your limited counter space while your dishes and cutlery dry.

Three-tiered basket – Whether you choose to hang a three-tiered basket from ceiling or stand it up on your kitchen countertop, you’ll not only create storage for your favorite fruits and vegetables, but also brighten up your kitchen space.

Wire Rack on Kitchen Countertop – Placing a sturdy wire rack on your counter will give you another platform to store your toaster oven, cookbooks, or other kitchen accessories.

Skinny Wheeled Storage Rack – Keep all your baking ingredients together on a skinny wheeled storage unit and wheel out all your ingredients together whenever you’re ready to bake cookies, a birthday cake, or fresh homemade bread.

There are so many interesting and different ways to create additional storage space in your kitchen. Whether you decide to add new surfaces, take advantage of wasted space, or maximize wall space, be sure to do so in a way that matches your home’s style and your personality. You’ll be really glad you did.