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Reading: Make the Most of Your Caesarstone Quartz Slab – How to Use Leftovers

Make the Most of Your Caesarstone Quartz Slab – How to Use Leftovers

January 19, 2022
4 min read

Quartz slab countertops are becoming more popular than ever before as homeowners realize their many benefits. 

When choosing a quartz countertop for your home project, it’s important to ensure that you select a quality product from a premium supplier like Caesarstone. Caesarstone countertops are not only stunning and come in a variety of colours, patterns, and finishes, but they are also durable, easy-to-clean, and heat-, chip- and stain-resistant.  

When purchasing slabs of quartz for a specific project, leftovers are often inevitable, whether it’s a bathroom, kitchen, or quartz backsplash slab. When this happens, there are plenty of ways to use the leftovers constructively. We’ll discuss some creative ideas on how to make the most out of leftover slabs from your next quartz slab installation. 

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Use on Vanity Tops 

One of the most popular ways to reuse quartz slab material is for vanity tops. A homeowner can easily have leftover pieces of quartz slab cut into perfect panels that fit across a standard-sized bathroom vanity.  

Use on Home Bar Tops 

Another widespread use for extra quartz slab material is for home bar tops. A solid, well-made countertop will fit the style of any room and last a lifetime – and can be made from leftover slab quartz pieces. 

Slabs aren’t only easy to cut down to size; they’re also solid and durable. That makes them the perfect material for building sturdy, reliable countertops that can be used as bar tops or as a casual hangout spot at home. 

Caesarstone offers several premium quartz colours that would make for perfect bar tops, such as 5100 Vanilla Noir.  

Make Stepping Stones 

A slab can be turned into a collection of stepping stones for use in a garden or outdoor space. 

Quartz slabs are heavy enough that they won’t move when walked on but light enough to lift without too much effort. The leftover pieces could even be used to make small mosaic designs that will give your home garden a colorful and creative feel. 

Make a Desk or Table Surface 

If you need to create additional desk or table space, quartz is a stunning and durable material to use. Leftover slabs can be used to create eye-catching tops for tables or desks. Using leftovers from a kitchen counter installation can also beautifully and cohesively tie in the kitchen design with an adjacent eating area or family room.   

Quartz Slabs for the Fireplace 

Quartz slabs can create an interesting focal point in the living room or bedroom with this idea. Whether it’s made into a complete fireplace feature wall or only incorporated into part of the fireplace, quartz can be used to create a striking addition. 

Quartz is also preferred for fireplace finishes due to its heat-resistant qualities.  

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Slabs for Flooring 

Quartz leftovers are a unique choice for homeowners looking for an exciting floor pattern that goes beyond the usual square tiles or rectangular planks of wood. They certainly won’t need very many to create something special, and all they require is a slab of quartz. 

Use Quartz in the Laundry Room 

Quartz is a highly durable material, so you can use slab remnants in your laundry room. You could lay them down on the floor of an unfinished basement if it’s cold and damp to beautify the area. Alternatively, they can also be used behind the washing machine for insulation purposes. 

Use Quartz as an Overlay 

If you have large slab remnants, try using them in your office or study at home. They can easily be laid on a desk or table and used as an overlay, creating an entirely new look for your space. Not only does this give you the chance to create something unique in your home office, but it also helps reduce waste. 

Make Trays and Trivets 

Slab remnants can be used to create a variety of slab items, including beautiful trays and trivets. You can also add fun and creative handles to complete the project.  

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Final Thoughts

With many creative ideas for using quartz leftovers, it’s hard not to get inspired. Premium quartz countertops, like those from Caesarstone, are a beautiful investment for years to come. Why not give the leftovers a second life? 
For all creative installations, homeowners are advised to check warranty registration guidelines at