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Reading: Mid-Century Modern Kitchen Design Ideas

Mid-Century Modern Kitchen Design Ideas

September 16, 2022
6 min read

Interior styles come and go yearly, but one interior style that is bound to stay for decades is the mid-century modern kitchen.

While many designs, like farmhouses and cottage core, have taken the interior design industry by storm. Still, these designs are nothing compared to mid century modern kitchen design. 

These days, mid-century modern kitchens have been capturing the attention of homeowners more than ever.

Usually, most of the trends tend to fade away after a set period. But with this, the opposite seems to happen. Instead of losing its charm, mid century modern kitchen design is getting even more popular among homeowners.

So, how can one fully install a mid-century modern kitchen into their home? Continue reading to learn some of the ways homeowners can incorporate mid-century aesthetics in their modern kitchen:

5220 Dreamy Marfil

A pink surprise:

The kitchen is the best place when one wants to play with different types of textures and designs. There is hardly any colour that does not sit well with the kitchen walls. In the mid-century, experimenting with different colours was something that everyone loved.

Now that mid-century trends are again becoming popular, people are keen to fill their kitchens with beautiful textures. One colour that will look delightful in the kitchen is pink. Homeowners can try pinkish-coloured countertops to achieve that dreamy effect; for this, one can choose  5220 Dreamy Marfil from Caesarstone.

Blue drama:

If homeowners are looking for a mid century modern kitchen design vibe that is elegant and chic, too, then blue is their colour. Blue looks royal and bold. However, by putting in some vintage furniture and other elements, one can achieve the authentic mid-century look they have wanted.

One can achieve a modern aura in their kitchen by incorporating blue at the base of the kitchen countertop, island, and cabinetry. Also, by adding tiny details like blue-coloured leather for the kitchen chairs, the whole kitchen will come to life.

Put in modern hardware:

There is something about mid century kitchen that sets it apart from anything else. However, a touch of modernity is essential to make one’s kitchen look incredible. With the introduction of modern hardware like semicircular knobs, matte finish countertops, and red oak cabinetry, homeowners can stay in touch with modernity.

For a mid-century feel, try to keep them as minimalist as possible. Have plenty of space between the island and countertop to ensure easy movement. Try to keep the kitchen less cluttered with accessories.

Decorative backsplash:

What is the one thing that makes mid-century and modern kitchens different? Well, that is the use of bold colours.

In the past, people used to include vibrant colours in their interior designs. The same trend has come around once again. From floors and cabinetry to backsplashes, people have started using colours to spruce up their space with vibrant colours.

The perfect mid century kitchen design ideas commonly include blue or any bright coloured backsplash. With coloured backsplash, one can maintain the mid-century ambiance.

Install a few decorative globe lights, and the kitchen is ready to go. One can also pair high-quality quartz countertops with their backsplash. Caesarstone’s 6600 Nougat is a beautiful piece that homeowners can check out.

Bold coloured appliances:

For a successful mid-century look, homeowners need to make sure that the style is consistent throughout the space. From the chimney to the backsplash, one can keep everything in a vintage-like look.

First, paint the kitchen in beautiful tones of black and white. Then, add essential appliances like a dishwasher and an oven and keep them all in one bright colour. This combination looks extremely amazing and unique as well.

A mix of everything:

Why keep everything just within a century?

Why not include something from each marvellous decade? In the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s, the world saw various styles of interior designs. The homeowners can pick something from each century and fill in their kitchen with a beautiful mid century modern kitchen design.

For example, have a rug from the 90s and a dining table from the 60s. Mix and match to create an amazing and personalized kitchen. These are some of the best design ideas that one can use in their mid-century kitchen. Those not looking to renovate the whole kitchen can make a few changes to achieve the mid-century kitchen design look that they’re looking for.

How to achieve a mid century modern kitchen look:

Make changes to the flooring:

Flooring is the best place to start when starting to renovate the kitchen. Traditionally, mid-century flooring used to be made from all-natural stone materials like slate, travertine, etc. But now, these natural stones have been shifted to tiles with designs.

Therefore, one can use tiles similar in texture and appearance to the stone to get that similar look.

For homeowners with a strict budget, tiles are the best option as they are much cheaper than all the natural materials. Other materials that one can use for kitchen flooring are wood, plywood, laminate, etc.

5003 Piatra Grey

Choosing a range of colours:

Usage of colours is a key difference between the modern and mid century kitchen. In earlier times, vibrant colours were used for the interiors of the house and kitchen.

But nowadays, an amalgamation of modern and mid-century designs has taken over the interiors of the kitchen. So instead of just choosing a single colour, homeowners can use different colours to renovate their space.

Laying beautiful countertops:

Earlier, only a few types of materials were available for countertops. These materials were not quite durable. But nowadays, there are various options available for countertops. One of the most prominent materials used in making countertops is Caesarstone quartz.

It is a nonporous material that does not allow the growth of any bacteria in it. As there are a variety of colours available, homeowners get vast choices. So, including them in mid century modern kitchen design ideas is the best thing that homeowners can do to make their kitchen look chic and stylish.

Mid-Century Modern Kitchen Design Ideas – Conclusion:

Many designs are accessible in the market for revamping one’s kitchen. But nothing can beat the mid century modern kitchen design. They look incredible and give the kitchen a neat and chic look. These designs are perfect for people who want to keep it subtle but still have something that looks unique.

Using Caesarstone quartz for kitchen countertops is also a good option for bringing a modern touch to the mid-century kitchen. Homeowners looking for the best quality quartz can visit the Caesarstone website and get their hands on various options.