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Reading: Options for Commercial Countertops 

Options for Commercial Countertops 

May 21, 2022
6 min read

Restaurant owners, cafe operators, and many other business owners need to consider the importance of having high-quality countertops.

Having top-of-the-line commercial countertops doesn’t just adorn a business space; a business owner can also use their countertops as a tool to impress customers and improve their shopping experience. By doing so, business owners are able to enhance customer retention and generate long-term profits.

Similarly, adding quality countertops to communal areas like break rooms can benefit employees by creating a visibly striking, easy to care for space to eat, socialize, and recuperate.

There are a variety of surface materials that business owners can use for their commercial countertops in Canada, some of which include:

  • Travertine 
  • Granite 
  • Marble 
  • Quartz 

All of the surface materials cataloged above are great options for business owners; however, one of the most commonly used materials for commercial countertops is quartz. This article will focus on the qualities of quartz countertops, design tips, and more.

5810 Black Tempal

What are commercial quartz countertops?

Quartz countertops are man-made products that are featured in residential and commercial spaces, like businesses, restaurants, and cafes. As the name implies, these countertops are made of quartz, a natural material made up of minerals along with bonding agents.

Reputable manufacturers, like Caesarstone, craft top-of-the-line commercial countertops made with up to 90% quartz minerals. When a business owner chooses to work with a reputable quartz manufacturer, like Caesarstone, they can rest easy knowing that they will receive a quality product that looks amazing and lasts for years to come.

Why do business owners in Canada opt for quartz countertops?

As mentioned earlier, business owners often opt for quartz countertops because they can make a business look welcoming, comfortable and attractive. But, this is far from the only reason that quartz is among the best surface materials for residential and commercial countertops. Some of the primary reasons businesses opt for quartz countertops include:

  • Non-porous — A non-porous surface makes quartz highly resistant to spills. 
  • Easy to clean — Business owners can use soap and water to clean their quartz countertops (although, in select cases, an approved cleaner may be required). 
  • Easy to maintain — Quartz countertops don’t require sealing. 
  • Hygienic — Quartz countertops don’t host bacteria, mold, or mildew. 
  • Heat-resistant — Quartz countertops are made to withstand heat. 
  • Stain-resistant — Since it is non-porous, quartz is incredibly difficult to stain
  • Scratch-resistant — High-quality quartz is scratch, crack, and chip-resistant.  
  • Eco-friendly — Quartz countertops can help support a healthier environment
  • Durable — Quartz countertops can last upwards of 30 years with proper care and maintenance. 
5100 Vanilla Noir – Designer: Brian Gluckstein, Gluckstein Design 

Design tips for commercial countertops in Canada

While fashion and design trends are constantly changing, there are a number of tried-and-true tips that will never go out of style. Capitalizing upon some of these tips can help business owners in several ways, ranging from improving customer retention to enhancing an employee’s work environment.

Some helpful design tips are:

Pick the right colour for the quartz countertops

In general, modern quartz manufacturers, like Caesarstone, offer a wide variety of colours and patterns for their customers to choose from. Having an assortment of colours allows their customers, like business owners, to find a product that meshes with their current space or future design plans.

Some typical colours include:

  • Black
  • White
  • Beige
  • Brown
  • Grey

Each colour has the ability to influence a room in various ways.

For instance, black quartz countertops, like Caesarstone’s 5810 Black Tempal or 5100 Vanilla Noir can add a professional tone to the space. Black quartz can also add a sense of opulence and charm to a commercial space, making them an ideal addition to high-end boutiques, beauty salons or cocktail bars.

On the other hand, business owners can utilize white quartz countertops, like Caesarstone’s 5151 Empira White or 5121 Layalite, to provide a sense of serene calm and luxurious tranquility. For the best results, business owners should consider placing their white quartz countertops as close to the front of their store as possible. Doing so can help business owners attract prospective customers and potentially generate more business.

Look for opportunities to create contrast within the workspace

A monochrome colour palette can give a business space a consistent aesthetic, if executed correctly. However, in some cases, a space with monochrome decor can feel dull and bland. Instead of sticking to the basics, business owners should look for ways to integrate colour contrast into their design elements.

Contrasting colours can make certain elements or aspects of a room “pop,” so to speak.

For instance, if a business owner makes use of the same (or similar) colours to decorate a space, it’s nearly impossible for certain, individual pieces to stand out. Everything begins to blend together, making it hard to decipher the room’s focal point.

Alternatively, if a business owner uses colours that contrast each other, they make it easier for certain items to become the focus of the room. Dark commercial cabinets paired with white or lightly-coloured quartz countertops is a great example of how business owners can make the most out of colour contrast in the workspace.

But, this is just an example. The possibilities for colour contrast are endless!

5151 Empira White

Integrate quartz countertops throughout the business space

Quartz countertops aren’t just for the front-of-house; a commercial kitchen countertop is also a great addition to employee-specific spaces, like break rooms and other communal areas.

Adding quartz countertops into a break room can yield many benefits. Being in a clean, well-decorated space can put employees in a good mood and help them stay motivated throughout the day. Not to mention, most employees will appreciate having more counter space for their electronics, snacks and other various belongings.

Quartz countertops are a welcome addition to any workspace in Canada

After doing some research, it’s easy to see that quartz is a great choice for commercial countertops in Canada. Quartz is a strong, eye-catching and eco-friendly surface material that can last for many fruitful years.

Business owners that want to purchase quartz countertops for their businesses should remember that finding a reputable manufacturer, like Caesarstone, is the best place to start their search.