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Reading: Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

6 min read

An outdoor living area can make a drastic difference in your home. Building an outdoor kitchen does not have to be expensive or all done at once. Many people choose to start small with an outdoor kitchen patio area and then build on it as they go. The cost will vary depending on the current prices and outdoor appliances you choose.

No matter what you choose to include in your outdoor kitchen, everything should be weather resistant. This is extremely important as it will have to withstand water damage, extreme temperatures, and other weather conditions.

A good contractor in your area should be able to advise you on the best products as well as give you an estimate for how much it’ll cost you.

Here are some great outdoor kitchen ideas to help you plan your outdoor living area.

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Make all your countertops quartz

The material and durability of all your outdoor surfaces really matters because they will experience much more wear and tear than indoor kitchen areas. Our Outdoor Quartz countertops are known durability and cleanliness.

Quartz is nonporous, so it will naturally repel germs and bacteria, making it ideal for outdoor living areas. It can also be cleaned very easily with soap and water. Without the need for harsh chemicals or disinfectants, it’s ideal for use in nature.

Quartz is scratch and stain-resistant, so you won’t have to worry about spills or messes made when cooking and grilling. Just clean them up immediately and you’ll be good to go since quartz is less absorbent than many other types of countertops.

Get a grill and a prep area

The purpose of having an outdoor kitchen is to make outdoor cooking easier and more accessible. This includes having many of the same features and appliances as your indoor kitchen. The most used appliance in an outdoor kitchen is the grill.

A built-in grill brings a more luxurious feel to your outdoor kitchen design. Smaller outdoor kitchens may benefit from a freestanding grill that can be moved around if needed. A decent prep area is also crucial to make sure your cooking experience is fluid.

For the most efficient outdoor kitchen, add a sink. Being able to wash your hands and vegetables at your outdoor workspace will simplify the whole process.

Brick or clay pizza oven

When thinking of building an outdoor kitchen, planning space for a pizza oven is a great idea in a larger space. Many people choose to build a clay or brick pizza oven for their outdoor kitchen area.

An outdoor pizza oven feels cozy and traditional. It also gives you with the luxury of making restaurant-quality pizza at home. For any pizza oven, no matter the material, contact an official seller to ensure that your outdoor oven is high-quality and safe.

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Build a pergola over your appliances

A pergola over the countertop and grill space will make your kitchen look classic and inviting. Inspired by outdoor living areas in southern Europe, your kitchen will look international and well-designed.

It also offers your countertops and appliances some protection from rain and sunlight, which is perfect for the hot summer months. The pergola is also ideal for hanging lamps or string lights to make the space look more romantic.

Add storage and shelving

Storage under or above the countertops can be used to keep your outdoor cooking utensils and materials right where you need them.

Quality outdoor cooking materials should be stainless steel and rust-proof. All the storage and shelving materials should also be able to repel water and keep your appliances safe.

If your outdoor living space is covered, crate shelving gives your kitchen a rustic feeling and are perfect for storing spices, plates, and wine glasses.

Build a bar

Your outdoor kitchen area isn’t complete without a bar. It’s a great place to entertain guests and relatives when you host parties. A bar is also a great way to add more counter space and gives you a creative edge.

The bar can be built in a completely separate area or put right alongside the rest of your outdoor kitchen. Make sure the countertops at your bar are slightly higher to accommodate barstools and other high seating.

To complete the bar, add another sink and an ice chest for making drinks more easily.

Choose a theme and plan accordingly

Before building your outdoor kitchen area, think of what look you want to achieve. It can act as an extension of your home or be a completely unique environment.

For a rustic theme, consider wooden furniture and accents

A chic and modern themed outdoor kitchen would look better with metal elements, a stainless-steel grill, and dark sink fixtures. Light cabinetry also looks better with modern kitchens.

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Add a retractable canopy

A retractable canopy is a great way to shield your area from rain and sun. They look best with traditional outdoor kitchens that feature wood or other bright colours.

A canopy is also perfect if you plan to decorate with potted plants or flowers, so you can manage how much direct sunlight they get and bring out the canopy as needed.

Use your fire pit and pool as guidance

If you already have a pool or a fire pit, you can design your outdoor kitchen area around it without moving either of them. The bar can even be set up closer to the pool if you want to access cool drinks while swimming.

The living space of the kitchen, such as the countertop and table, can also be situated around the fire pit to give your guests the ability to use it as they cook and eat.

Final Thoughts

In general, building your outdoor kitchen area is up to personal preference and the activities you will be using your outdoor kitchen for. The best outdoor kitchens use durable and weather-resistant materials and appliances.

The best material for appliances is stainless steel and should be considered when installing the sink, grill, and bar appliances you plan to have. Not every outdoor kitchen has the same appliance requirements but try and plan with your contractor which ones you think you’ll want in the future.

When buying countertops, always choose quartz. They are durable and will stay new even through big spills and harsh weather.