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Reading: Porcelain Countertop Colours: Design Trends

Porcelain Countertop Colours: Design Trends

July 25, 2023
5 min read

Choosing the right colour for your space can be difficult for homeowners new to interior design and renovations. With a vast array of countertop materials to choose from, like porcelain, it can be hard to decide which countertop style suits your personal taste.

Homeowners thinking about installing porcelain countertops in their homes can continue reading to learn more about design trends that combine a variety of porcelain countertop colours and styles that are ideal for any aesthetics. 

501 Snowdrift
501 Snowdrift

Trendy Porcelain Countertops in 2023

One of the major benefits of installing porcelain countertops in a home is that the material is available in several unique designs and colour combinations. 

Caesarstone has curated top porcelain countertop designs that are trending in 2023 but will still look timeless.

Marble-like appearance

As one of the most eye-catching and sought-after natural stones on the market, marble may be a difficult countertop material for many homeowners to afford. However, those looking for a more budget-friendly material that shares the visual appeal of marble can select a porcelain countertop that mimics the appearance of this illustrious stone. 

For instance, Caesarstone’s 501 Snowdrift boasts the prestigious look of marble with delicate golden-brown veining over a misty base. 

501 Snowdrift has a clean, sleek appearance that suits a variety of styles, from the calming simplicity of minimalism to the natural element-focused look of the rustic aesthetic. 

Grey and white 

As touched on above, grey and white is a classic colour combination that provides a touch of freshness and simplicity to any space. 

Homeowners can find several stylish white and grey porcelain countertops, such as Caesarstone’s 516 Locura, where grey is the dominant base. Caesarstone’s 516 Locura looks breathtaking in a modernly-styled kitchen or a bathroom that favours a dramatic colour palette. 

While a white-centric countertop with grey veining offers airiness to a room, a grey-focused porcelain countertop with white veining can add more dimension and personality to a traditional-looking space. 

Similarly, homeowners can make use of multiple materials if they desire. For instance, homeowners can pair porcelain and quartz together to create a stunning surface bound to attract attention during dinner parties. 

516 Locura

Earth-inspired colour palette

In recent years, earth-toned colour palettes have become much more prominent as many homeowners strive to mimic the calming characteristics of nature in their homes. 

As a result, nature-inspired countertops have risen in popularity, as they give a room a more serene atmosphere. 

Nature-inspired designs are ideal for a bathroom remodel, as their natural appearance makes the bathroom look and feel like a luxury spa. 

Warm subdued tones

Over the past few years, country-style homes have also increased in popularity. Rustic, farmhouse, cottage-core, and similar sub-genres of the country aesthetic have become staples in the interior design community. To achieve this look, homeowners can choose a style that utilizes a warmer, more subdued colour palette.

Warm colours add an aged, vintage appeal to porcelain that is quite prevalent in country-inspired interior design. However, warm-coloured porcelain still maintains a modern appearance, allowing it to age gracefully over the years. 

On the other hand, homeowners who prefer the natural look of the farmhouse aesthetic may opt for a dark brown or grey porcelain countertop. 

These are just a few suggestions for highlighting the many porcelain countertop colours available to homeowners. All of the colour palettes mentioned above are timeless choices that will continue to move forward with design trends over the years. 

Is porcelain a reliable interior design choice for countertops?

Porcelain countertops have grown in popularity for interior home design over the past few years and are an excellent choice for a residential kitchen or bathroom-or any space! 

In addition to being stylish and visually pleasing, porcelain is a very durable material that, if maintained properly, can look brand new for many years. 

Porcelain is heat resistant, warp resistant, UV ray resistant, and isn’t susceptible to scratches. Homeowners can cut directly on their porcelain countertops, but for daily use, experts recommend using a cutting board.

Not only is porcelain a great choice aesthetically, but it’s also a practical countertop choice for areas where spills often occur. Porcelain countertops can be wiped down with mild soap and water or non-abrasive cleaners.

Further still, for homeowners who like the look of natural stone but don’t have the budget for it, porcelain is an excellent alternative, as many designs mimic the appearance of popular natural stones. 

Porcelain is also easier to look after than natural stones, as it doesn’t require regular sealing to maintain its stunning appearance. 

514 Emprada
514 Emprada

Porcelain countertops colours: Design trends — Conclusion

Homeowners can implement many countertop colour trends in their kitchens and bathrooms. Porcelain counters are available in various colours and designs, giving homeowners design freedom to match your individual style, including warm subdued colours, classic black shades and vivid whites. 

In addition to being stylish, porcelain countertops are a practical choice for homeowners who wish to purchase sustainable home surfaces. Porcelain countertops are durable, long-lasting and can mimic the appearance of natural stone without the natural stone price tag. 

Homeowners interested in using porcelain countertops in their bathrooms or kitchens can select from a wide array of designs and colours by viewing Caesarstone’s Colour Catalogue. Caesarstone’s Colour Catalogue is full of stylish porcelain and quartz countertops materials that can suit practically any homeowner’s needs.

Homeowners can also visit the Caesarstone Where to Buy page to find a nearby retailer or showroom that offers Caesarstone products.