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Reading: Quartz Countertops and Backsplash Pairs

Quartz Countertops and Backsplash Pairs

September 16, 2022
6 min read

The following guide will walk homeowners through the process of selecting a backsplash to go with quartz countertops in a kitchen. It will cover the fundamental design rules as well as colour combinations that work well together.

When a homeowner is in the process of designing a kitchen, and is looking to have countertops fitted with a great backsplash they need to consider a number of things like what the correct steps are to take. There are additional components that anyone can begin working on right away, such as the kitchen cabinets or the curtains.

But what about deciding on a backsplash? How do homeowners go about that?

It is important to look for a backsplash pairing that fits a kitchen design that the individual wants. Homeowners can continue reading to learn more about quartz countertops with backsplash additions.

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Make a kitchen complete with quartz countertops and backsplash additions

All quartz countertops and the overall design of the kitchen, including the backsplash, need to be consistent with one another for the space to look complete.

To begin, let’s talk about the backsplash ideas for quartz countertops in a residential kitchen space:

Rules for using quartz backsplashes with quartz countertops

Everyone’s kitchen’s backsplash is the first line of defence against unsightly stains and accidents involving unforeseen spills and food splatter. Even though it could be a very useful addition to a kitchen, the design process typically puts it at the very bottom of the list of priorities.

The reality, however, is that it presents the homeowner with an opportunity to explore new depths of their creativity, adding a sense of fun to the process of enhancing the aesthetic value of the kitchen through the backsplash.

Homeowners do not need decades of experience to choose a backsplash that will go with their quartz kitchen countertops. All they really need is a good eye and a little help along the way.

When individuals are choosing the backsplash that they want to install in the kitchen, it is important to keep a picture of the quartz countertops in mind. In order to select a backsplash that is an appropriate match for their quartz countertops, here are the fundamental steps to take.

1. Determine the wall area that will be covered by the backsplash that will be installed in the kitchen.

2. Carefully plan out how much money is needed to buy and professionally install the backsplash; homeowners have the option of shopping around for prices (including those of installation services) or installing it themselves if they have previous experience.

3. Choose how each of the following components of the backsplash will look:

  • Material
  • Shape
  • Colour
  • Pattern

Quartz countertops are noted for their ease of matching and their ability to blend in naturally with a diverse range of colour schemes.

4. Dig deep into that creative side and start designing and matching — homeowners shouldn’t be in a hurry to get the first backsplash that they see on the market or the one that is the most affordable. Individuals can select tile samples and determine whether they are compatible with the quartz countertops and the design of their kitchen in general.

On this page, homeowners can read more about how to match the backsplash and countertops in a kitchen, along with other unique quartz countertops backsplash ideas that work with a variety of spaces.

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How to choose a backsplash with quartz countertops in residential spaces

There are several things to keep in mind if a homeowner wants to learn how to choose a backsplash and quartz countertop.

Look for a low maintenance option — quartz is a good choice for people who don’t want to devote a lot of time and energy to ensuring that it remains in pristine condition. Because it is produced by humans, its colour palettes and patterns tend to be more consistent with one another. In turn, quartz is an excellent choice for use in the construction of countertops. Find out more about the benefits and drawbacks of having quartz kitchen countertops right here.

Experiment with various options — experimentation and consideration of additional factors are required to achieve a harmonious pairing between the quartz countertops and a backsplash. It is essential that homeowners have a solid understanding of the relationship between the layout of their kitchen, the quartz countertops that they select, and the backsplash that they install.

Utilize white shades and tones

Homeowners always have the option to go with an all-white kitchen if they have white quartz countertops that match their cabinets (and vice versa).

A kitchen that is completely white is a timeless design choice; consequently, if homeowners also have white flooring and white walls, this would be an excellent choice.

On the other hand, if a homeowner wants their kitchen to really stand out, they should consider using vibrant colours. When done correctly, this makes a kitchen’s backsplash the centrepiece of its artistic element.

Experiment with various materials to find the perfect match

Stunning kitchens featuring white cabinets, black quartz countertops, stainless steel appliances, and a tile backsplash always look luxurious. Experimenting with various materials that homeowners believe have the potential to go well with quartz countertops is one thing that homeowners can do.

It is possible to combine different materials with quartz, and homeowners should do so in order to determine which combination best conveys who they are as a person and contributes most to the atmosphere they want their kitchen to have.

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Consider using a matte finish for a quartz countertops as well as a backsplash

If a homeowner hasn’t the time to carefully coordinate the hues, their materials or patterns of their quartz countertops and backsplash, they can just skip all of that and just give them a matte finish instead.

Homeowners can consider their new backsplash to be the icing on the cake, that finishing touch, when it comes to the design of their kitchen. Make sure that whatever material is decided on to use for the backsplash in the kitchen it is of high quality and comes from a reputable manufacturer, like Caesarstone.

Choose cool or warm neutral colours to complement the veining in quartz countertops

If an individual is looking to match their backsplash to their quartz countertops, one option they have is to select a particular neutral colour that can complement the veining in most quartz countertops.  Most neutral tones can complement quartz extremely well and tend to go well in most kitchens.

Quartz countertops and backsplash pairs — Conclusion

Homeowners that truly want their kitchens to stand out should consider pairing an eye-catching backsplash with high-quality quartz countertops manufactured by a reputable brand, like our team at Caesarstone.