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Reading: Quartz Countertops Ontario

Quartz Countertops Ontario

January 21, 2022
5 min read

Quartz, one of the most durable countertop materials, has proven to withstand the demands of a busy lifestyle while maintaining its appeal.

With that being said, not all quartz countertops are constructed to achieve these superior results; this begs further buyer research when searching for a quartz manufacturer of choice. Choosing a reputable quartz countertop manufacturer like Caesarstone ensures a homeowner or builder gets top-quality performance from their products. Caesarstone has stood the test of time to be a preferred countertop manufacturer among homeowners in Ontario.

Homeowners can choose from several popular countertop colours, such as Aterra Blanca and Arabetto, that transform spaces with luxurious aesthetics.

5112 Aterra Blanca

Why Quartz? 

Unmatched Durability

Quartz is the second hardest material on earth. In fact, it’s harder than steel!

Quartz countertops are engineered from raw quartz and, depending on the brand, will also contain other components such as polymers and pigments. Caesarstone countertops are engineered with up to 90% quartz minerals, making the surfaces solid, hard-wearing, and durable.

Wide Range of Patterns

Quartz counters come in almost any colour or pattern to suit the style of any space. Homeowners can opt for solid, speckled, veined designs, and more. The colour combinations are also plentiful. Even better, it’s easy to customize the surfaces ahead of time in order to achieve a desired aesthetic.

Quartz surfaces can mimic natural stone with a depth and complexity in appearance. Homeowners can also choose between different finishes of quartz countertops: honed, polished, natural, rough, and concrete. Whichever design the homeowner can dream of, quartz can achieve due to its virtually limitless range of options.

Ultra-Easy to Clean and Maintain

One of the most distinct advantages of quartz countertops is how easy they are to clean. Caesarstone quartz is built with care in mind and is low maintenance. They require simple care with just soap and water. Unlike natural stones, quartz surfaces need no sealing to keep them timeless in performance and appearance. Any tougher stains can also be wiped away quickly using an approved cleaner.


Quartz is incredibly non-porous. Its dense and resilient surface prevents the buildup of bacteria, mould, or mildew. As such, quartz surfaces remain safe and sanitary for use on kitchen counters.

Scratch Resistant

Want a surface that has impressive scratch resistance? Quartz countertops have the strength to resist a variety of scrapes, chips, and scuffs.

Stain Resistant

Unlike other countertop materials, quartz surfaces are non-porous, which means they do not allow substances to seep underneath the surface. This makes quartz highly resistant to stains.

Heat Resistant

Quartz countertops are engineered with a higher ability to withstand heat. However, like all other countertop materials, use a trivet when placing hot pots and pans onto a quartz surface.

Enduring Quality

Caesarstone uses a high-quality quartz blend and offers a lifetime warranty on all indoor countertops. This gives you the certainty that Caesarstone’s quartz surfaces are solid, durable, and hard-wearing.

5171 Arabetto  – Design + Construction: Zak’s Building Group, Zak’s Custom Cabinets 

Most Commonly Asked Questions About Quartz                    

How Do Quartz Countertops Look?

Since quartz countertops are manufactured, they come in a range of colours and patterns. In addition, since they are made from quartz (a natural resource), quartz countertops can mimic natural stone but with added strength and durability. In the engineering process, colourful pigments and natural materials such as glass can be added to the quartz resin mixtures to achieve virtually any style without compromising the quality of the final product.

How Do You Clean Quartz Countertops?

For your everyday cleaning, wipe the quartz surface with a soft cloth dipped in warm water mixed with a mild detergent or soap, then dry with a paper towel or soft cloth. For stubborn stains, spray the area with an approved cleaner and gently rub. If the stain is extensive, clean the larger surface in a circular motion, then rinse with water and dry with a paper towel or soft cloth. For dry spills, reanimate the spill or stain with water and let it sit for several minutes. Then, clean as recommended above.

Although quartz countertops are nonporous and durable, you’ll still want to avoid cleaning with harsh chemicals.

Will Quartz Countertops Increase Resale Value?

Although it’s difficult to predict the exact value quartz will add to a home, high-quality and well-maintained quartz countertops will improve its resale value. Many homebuyers will choose quartz surfaces over other countertop materials with the growing popularity and value of quartz in the market.

A home with quartz countertops will be in high demand. Besides, the countertops are long-lasting and will not need to be replaced for many years. Due to these factors, a homeowner can demand a higher price when selling their home.

4043 Primordia – Design + Construction: Birchwood Homes

Cost of Quartz Countertops in Ontario

Quartz countertops are rarely cheap when compared to other countertop materials on the market. However, the extensive benefits, durability, and value which quartz countertops offer exceed the cost. Caesarstone quartz countertops prices in Ontario will range between $50 to more than $100 per square foot. Given that these countertops tend to last for many years, the benefits outweigh the material’s initial cost.

Where to Find Quartz Countertops in Ontario

There are many quartz countertop manufacturers in Ontario. But homeowners looking to invest in superior quality countertops should consider Caesarstone, the largest manufacturer of quartz countertops.

As the brand that pioneered quartz countertops, Caesarstone has been delivering the most durable and safe countertops since 1987. The brand continues to bring homeowners’ and builders’ dreams to life with kitchen and bathroom countertops that stand the test of time.

To find Caesarstone suppliers, visit ​​ Search by your location to view the list of Caesarstone quartz countertops fabricators, showrooms, and retailers nearest to you.