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Reading: 7 Stylish Shabby Chic Bathroom Ideas

7 Stylish Shabby Chic Bathroom Ideas

September 16, 2022
6 min read

Simplicity and elegance are the two qualities that define a shabby and chic bathroom.

It is not a common-looking bathroom style that one can find in every living space. Instead, homeowners can use plenty of different elements to give their bathroom a shabby chic theme. 

But before diving into the ideas for decorating a shabby chic bathroom, let’s find out what exactly this style is?

5111 Statuario Nuvo

What is a shabby chic bathroom?

For starters, a shabby chic bathroom requires a unique mix of decor and furniture pieces. The pieces used to decorate such a bathroom are usually distressed antique pieces. The result that the homeowners achieve after combining all these pieces looks quite eye-catching and comfortable.

Homeowners who want the shabby chic bathroom look should go through this article and explore the following chic bathroom ideas:

Boutique style shabby chic bathroom:

If one wants a neutral bathroom design, then a boutique-style shabby chic bathroom can be an ultimate option. One can use a distressed chest with plenty of drawers to achieve this style. Crafty homeowners can then decorate it with a wire mesh basket for keeping the essential utilities.

One can also have a wooden stool by the side of the distressed bathtub for keeping essential items handy. Finally, add a candle stand (preferably around five feet tall) to maintain the vintage vibe.

Stunning bathroom with slipper bathtub and double sinks:

Who doesn’t like to have a slipper bathtub in their bathroom? It looks exceptional and provides ample space for the owner to enjoy long baths. For the best results, use of two sinks can add a spell of luxury to the shabby chic bathroom.

Homeowners who are trying to create a space with a feminine vibe can have ice pink color all around the bathroom. For instance, try to go for different shades of pink, from walls to quartz bathroom countertops. Those looking for countertops with a pinkish hue can go for Caesarstone’s 5111 Statuario Nuvo.

Chic bathroom with a modern twist:

Adding trailing wallpaper to the walls, one can put a modern touch to their shabby chic bathroom. It looks undeniably classy and adds a modern aesthetic to the vintage-looking bathroom.

Those who want to create a dressing area can add on a distressed console table and hang on a mirror on the wall. Place a rustic chair too for completing the renovation of the shabby chic bathroom.

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Keep it all classy:

Shabby chic bathrooms are the best for those who do not want modern-looking bathing areas.

One can add a ruffed curtain to divide the bathing area and the sink space to give it a shabby chic feel. Put a lace curtain on top of the dressing mirror and decorate the table in front. Go extravagant and place a bouquet of beautiful flowers on the table.

Usually, people decorate their attic bathroom with shabby chic aesthetics. However, as bathrooms in attics are usually small, a combination of pink and white colour will make the bathroom appear much bigger.

Vibrant wallpaper:

Fan of vibrant wallpaper? Then why not include them in the shabby chic bathroom. Lively and bright coloured wallpapers look extremely beautiful. They bring out the best from the all-white bathroom.

To make the bathroom look shabby, one can use the pentagon tiles for the flooring. It adds a stunning vibrance to the space.

Vintage, yet modern shabby chic bathroom:

Bathrooms already designed with a modern alignment require more furniture to be converted into a vintage shabby chic bathroom. So instead, use a modest white sink and attach a unique fanlight.

One can add two vintage-looking light fixtures near the mirror to provide ample light. Add on a window to allow light to enter the bathroom properly. Cover the window with white lace drapes to give it a glamorous feel. If possible, use rose pink or any light-coloured tones to paint the bathroom walls to give them a more personalized style.

Ladder for keeping the essentials:

One can make several uses of a ladder in design. It is both strong and aesthetically appealing. So, one can use it to keep all the essential bathing items.

It works perfectly with the chic bathroom and does not require any extraordinary cost. Apart from all the shabby chic bathroom ideas, homeowners can also look for some vintage bathroom styles.

But homeowners who want to go with a shabby chic theme should know that there are a few things that they need to keep in mind during the design process.

Things to consider while creating a chic kitchen:

Creating an appropriate scene:

The walls set the main tone for the shabby chic bathroom. When deciding which type of colour to choose for painting the walls, try choosing off-white or pastel palettes.

If one wants tiles, then try for rectangular victorian-style ones. They give a vintage look to the walls. Even groove boards and Scandinavian tongue looks amazing in chic bathrooms. 

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Choose a well-suited bathtub:

The bathtub that fits well with the shabby chic bathroom is a freestanding roll top. One can also go with a slipper-style bathtub if one wants. Make sure to check whether there are Victorian taps or not. The bathtub with antique taps gives classy vibes and enhances the shabby chic look.

Install plenty of mismatched furniture:

Shabby chic theme is versatile and allows homeowners to decorate the bathroom in whatever way they want. Homeowners can easily achieve their desired style by accommodating good-quality distressed items like chests, stools, and chairs. Make sure to keep everything mismatched.

This bathroom style is all about putting up things that do not create a coordinated effect. So, try to keep things as unusual as possible.

Use a high-quality material for the countertops:

While selecting the countertops, homeowners can look at many different materials including brand new ones. One material that one can never go wrong with is Caesarstone quartz. Caesarstone’s quartz products are highly durable and non-porous, so this material won’t get ruined easily. Investing in it is always a wise decision in the long run.

Seven stylish shabby chic bathroom ideas — Conclusion

Shabby chic bathrooms look amazing when they are set properly. To achieve this look, homeowners should use any types of furniture like chairs, cabinets, and tables that go with the shabby chic theme.

This bathroom style is easy to create as one does not have to indulge in extravagant purchases.