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Reading: Sustainable Style at Home

Sustainable Style at Home

May 26, 2021
3 min read

From the reusable metal straw you keep in your bag to the materials you choose to use in your home, every change, big or small, affects your environmental footprint. As we continuously take inspiration from the earth while designing our surfaces, we feel it’s also our responsibility to protect it. 

“From the very beginning of our product design through production and installation, Caesarstone has the environment in mind and does everything in the company’s power to protect our planet’s precious resources for generations to come.” says Caesarstone’s VP of Marketing, Elizabeth Margles. 

Leading the Way 

As part of our commitment to sustainability leadership, Caesarstone has acquired numerous certifications from leading sustainability organizations. Through GREENGUARD and GREENGUARD GOLD our surfaces are certified to fit within the strictest indoor air emission standards. Caesarstone products have been rigorously tested by the Good Housekeeping Institute and earned the respected Good Housekeeping seal. We also utilize recycled raw materials, adding texture and depth to a selection of our surfaces through the use of salvaged mirrors and glass. Explore our full list of certifications and environmental commitment here

Beautifully Superior 

Caesarstone pioneered the first ever quartz surface in 1987 by transforming quartz minerals into the ultimate surface. Made from a mineral found in abundance all over the world, Caesarstone quartz surfaces are not only harder than natural stone, they’re more sustainable. Durable, non-porous and low-maintenance, quartz is a hygienic surface that’s easy to clean and maintain. With no need for sealants or harsh cleaning products, these surfaces reduce your footprint significantly over the course of their long lifespan. 

Mindful Design 

Whether switching to LED light bulbs or washing your clothes in cold water, many of us have been making small, eco-friendly changes around the house over the years. When it comes time to renovate or even build from scratch, consciously choosing your materials is an important consideration. Built-to-last materials are naturally better for the environment as you won’t have to replace them anytime soon. In that way they’re also a better investment.  

Caesarstone products are now listed in the Mindful Materials library. Mindful Materials is a free platform with the most up-to-date information on human health and environmental impacts from building materials produced by leading manufacturers. Explore their library and discover ways to make your build more green.  

Perfected Through Innovation 

Though quartz’s appearance is that of natural stone, it is an engineered surface. Composed of hard quartz minerals, pigments and polymer resins, Caesarstone is stronger, more Earth-friendly and available in more consistent patterns than granite or marble. On top of being a readily available mineral found on almost every continent, it’s an easy surface to install and customize. Simpler to cut to size and less likely to crack than natural stone, quartz surfaces can be installed with minimal waste and reduced strain on the environment.  


Of the Earth 

Caesarstone surfaces are not only manufactured to last but come in a variety of timeless neutrals and patterns that are always of the moment. Bringing together strength and classic design, your countertop remains stain-free, scratch-free and stylish for years to come. Explore more on our sustainability commitment and some of our latest surfaces inspired by stone in our 2021 brochure. Bring a desert serenity into your space with the soft sandstone tones of 5222 Adamina from our new Whitelight Collection or make a striking statement outside of the home with 515 Palm Shade’s earthy nuances and milky white base from our recently launched Outdoor Collection.  

Precious Resources 

For more on our surfaces, read our sustainability landing page at Metropolis Magazine, explore our catalogue or visit one of our locations