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Reading: 3 Modern Basement Bathroom Ideas 

3 Modern Basement Bathroom Ideas 

May 27, 2022
6 min read

Many homeowners see their basements as a place to store old furniture, seasonal decorations and dusty boxes of trinkets, curios and knick-knacks. But, most residential basements have the potential to be so much more than a basic storage space. With some time, effort and capital, practically any homeowner can transform their residential basement into a practical, welcoming living space.

5110 Alpine Mist – Designer: Erin Hurley

Homeowners that are thinking about renovating their basement may want to consider installing a bathroom. Installing a bathroom in the basement can add further functionality and character to this space.

This is especially true when homeowners integrate countertops made with high-quality materials, like engineered quartz, into their bathroom design.

Homeowners can read on to get inspiration on the latest and most stylish modern basement bathroom design ideas of the year.

Why should homeowners use quartz for their basement bathroom countertops?

Engineered quartz is among the best materials for both residential and commercial countertops for a wide variety of reasons.

Firstly, engineered quartz is strikingly beautiful. Picking the right colour and style of engineered quartz can make a dull space look vibrant and luxurious. Most quartz countertop manufacturers offer products in the following colours:

  • Black
  • White
  • Brown
  • Beige
  • Grey

Many quartz products also feature unique patterns, which design experts refer to as “veining”. Veining adds personality to a quartz countertop, making it look one-of-a-kind. Having a variety of options to choose from makes it easier for homeowners to find an engineered quartz product that works well with their basement bathroom instillation plans.

Lastly, engineered quartz offers a number of other beneficial characteristics, some of which include:

  • Durable
  • Non-porous
  • Easy to install
  • Stain, heat and scratch-resistant
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Hygienic

With all of this in mind, it’s clear that engineered quartz is a practical and stylish choice for homeowners looking to install a bathroom into their residential basement.

Basement bathroom design ideas for residential spaces

Homeowners who are thinking about adding a bathroom to their basement can find inspiration in the following decoration ideas:

Design idea #1 — Beige quartz countertops with dark wooden cabinetry and decor

Brown cabinetry and decor, like wooden flooring, is a go-to choice for basement bathrooms in residential spaces. Dark brown cabinetry and decor can add an undeniable sense of warmth to any bathroom design.

However, many homeowners have difficulty finding the perfect countertop to go with this dark brown colour theme. Homeowners that find themself in this situation may want to continue their search by looking at beige quartz countertop products, like Caesarstone’s 5110 Alpine Mist or 5212 Taj Royale.

The lighter tones found in beige quartz add a sense of serenity and calmness to the space. Beige quartz can also offset the darkness of the brown cabinetry; having this form of colour contrast adds a breath of fresh air to the basement bathroom and makes it easier on the eyes.

1001 Riverlet

Design idea #2 — White quartz countertops with green accents and decorations

Nothing says “crisp” and “clean” like an all-white bathroom. That being said, some believe that all-white bathrooms can feel bland. Because of this, many homeowners like to spice things up by adding in some vibrant colours, like green.

Homeowners looking for a small pop of colour can add green accents such as:

  • Hand towels
  • Decorative candles
  • Toothbrush holders
  • Decorative soaps
  • Houseplants

On the other hand, homeowners looking to incorporate larger pieces of green decor can opt for:

  • Bathmats
  • Shower curtains
  • Vanity countertops
  • Body towels
  • Flooring

Homeowners should pair white countertops with their green decor.

Some examples of popular white quartz products are Caesarstone’s 1001 Riverlet and 5121 Layalite. These nature-inspired varieties of refined quartz act as a blank canvas for the green decor, creating a lively balance between warmth and sophistication.

Alternatively, those seeking to incorporate more colour into their bathroom space can keep an eye out for white quartz with green veining, like Caesarstone’s 5171 Arabetto.

Design idea #3 — Stark black quartz countertops with bright white decorations

Stark black countertops and bright white decor in a basement bathroom can give the space an industrial, quasi-futuristic appearance. This style is becoming more and more popular with homeowners who want to give their bathroom a sleek, contemporary look.

There are several types of engineered quartz that look great in black and white bathrooms. Some examples include Caesarstone’s 5820 Darcrest and 5810 Black Tempal. Black quartz countertops add depth, personality and a sense of luxury to practically any bathroom space.

For the best results, homeowners should consider black and white flooring; doing this will add even more presence to the space without taking away from the bathroom’s refined, polished aesthetic.

What companies manufacture quartz countertops for residential bathrooms in Canada?

There are several quartz countertop manufacturers in Canada, one of the most well-known and respected being Caesarstone. Caesarstone has been manufacturing quartz countertops for decades (since 1987, to be precise).

Over the past 30-plus years, Caesarstone has garnered a reputation for crafting top-quality quartz products in the industry. Homeowners that purchase a Caesarstone product receive a countertop that looks amazing, is easy to maintain, and can last for many decades to come.

Please note that Caesarstone does not install and/or repair quartz products in residential or commercial spaces under any circumstances. Homeowners or business owners that require assistance installing or repairing their Caesarstone quartz products must contact a professional.

5171 Arabetto – Designer: Linda Hayslett, L.H. Designs

Where can homeowners find Caesarstone products?

Homeowners can find Caesarstone’s range of products at a nearby retailer or showroom. Going to a retailer or showroom gives homeowners the chance to get an in-person look at the quartz surfaces they are thinking about purchasing. It also gives them an opportunity to chat with seasoned design professionals on their home renovation plans.

If there are no retailers or showrooms nearby, homeowners can play around with Caesarstone’s 3D interactive visualizer tool to compare various products at the click of a button.

Renovating a basement bathroom adds style and flair to a home

There’s no denying that freshly renovated basement bathrooms add value to homes; it adds a sense of functionality, and, when designed correctly, it can also look breathtaking. Homeowners who are having a hard time making a decision on their basement bathroom can find inspiration from the design ideas listed above.