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Reading: Welcome light into your home

Welcome light into your home

March 8, 2021
3 min read

As most of us are spending more days in our homes than ever before, now is the time to bring the warmth of the earth inside. Inviting a lightness that inspires feelings of wellness and serenity. Caesarstone’s new Whitelight Collection is the beautiful foundation for human-focused spaces that explore the combination of sandy hues and crisp, pearly lustres.

5171 Arabetto

Bright and earthy

The brightness of every season can inspire each corner of your home. Let the sheen of a fresh, clean snow influence your vanity’s colour and allow glimmering white beach sand to evoke feelings of intimate warmth around your dinner table. Make space for tones of clay, marble and stone that envelop your home in a luminous, earthy glow.

Duality of space

Working from home now being the norm, our homes need to work for us. A Caesarstone kitchen island countertop can be the perfect spot to spread out and focus during the workday or gather around with your family to catch up while making dinner. Once the dishes are cleared, it’s a place to concentrate on homework or indulge in a little dessert.

Inviting simplicity

As our homes become more multi-functional, it can be easy to allow clutter to build up. Maintaining a separation between work and life is essential. Dedicating a little time each day to tidying will help keep your workspace free of distraction and your home space free of work. Clear those scattered documents from the kitchen counter and honour the golden heart of your home by making space for treasured moments and everlasting memories.

5222 Adamina

Bring the outdoors in

A beautiful way to complement the earthy hues of the Whitelight Collection is with a selection of other organic elements. Natural rattan pieces, light wood cabinetry and lush green plants will only further elevate the pure beauty of the Caesarstone quartz surfaces.

On the bright side

Caesarstone surfaces are durable enough to be used in any area of your home and the nonporous surface makes them virtually maintenance-free. Most spills can be cleaned away with warm, soapy water and more stubborn stains can be treated with an approved cleaner and a little elbow grease. Cleanup is simple and the reward is an enduring worktop that brings timeless style to your space.

5112 Aterra Blanca

Organically designed

Caesarstone uses natural raw quartz minerals to craft a work surface that’s durable, safe and sure to become one of your favourite features of your home. Our newest colours bring the earth into your home with purity and luminosity. From the graceful timelessness of 5112 Aterra Blanca and the serene desert hues of 5222 Adamina to the swirling, dynamic veining of 5171 Arabetto, Caesarstone’s latest offerings provide a tranquil sense of calm normally only found in nature.

These three new colours are joined in the collection by the soft grey veins and fine copper-gold outlines of 5114 Calacatta Maximus, the refined ebony veining of 5151 Empira White, the classic natural marble inspiration of 5143 White Attica, the simple timelessness of 1111 Vivid White and the bold and dynamic thick veining of 5031 Statuario Maximus. Each one offers a unique take on an opulent, earth-inspired white base.

Bright future

Take a closer look at our newest white designs and the rest of the Whitelight Collection by exploring our interactive Visualizer or visiting a Caesarstone retailer near you.