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Reading: Wholesale Quartz Countertops

Wholesale Quartz Countertops

April 22, 2022
6 min read

When selecting quartz countertops for your next kitchen or bathroom project, you must do the research on your chosen quartz manufacturer.

The truth is, many homeowners have become a victim of cheap (or so-called discounted) countertops. Rather than question why a deal is so good, they were convinced to purchase a low-quality countertop, only to quickly run into unexpected repair costs down the road. Unfortunately, the problem isn’t just the costly repairs, but the wasted time and living with the consequences of poor-quality products.

Let’s look at how you can avoid making the same mistake as we delve into how to identify wholesale quartz countertops and how to invest in high-quality countertops.

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What are Wholesale Countertops? 

The term ‘wholesale countertops’ is extensively used to denote cheap, low-quality countertops on the market. Often described as discounted quartz countertops, these surfaces offer no lifetime value but a loss of money in the future.

While they manifest in all materials, from wholesale quartz countertops to wholesale granite countertops, they all have one thing in common: they are of inferior quality and lack durability compared to their non-wholesale counterparts.

How to Tell Between Wholesale and High-Quality Quartz Countertops 

Unfortunately, it’s not easy to tell these countertops apart just by looking at them. However, there are features about them that will clearly show they are low quality. Here are some:

The Cost of Wholesale Kitchen Countertops

High-quality quartz countertops like those of popular quartz brands, such as Caesarstone, are made with the highest standards, so finding a cheap version of them is impossible. Thus, any manufacturer selling cheap premium quartz countertops is likely selling a replica. Such copycat wholesale quartz countertops will cost you an average of $50 (or less) per square foot.

Extremely Low-Quality Stone

It’s not easy to identify a low-quality quartz slab, but if you take a closer look at the slab’s appearance, you’re likely to spot a whole host of condition issues that betray its inferior quality. Below are five key characteristics to look out for:

  1. Countertops with No Quartz Brand

Without a quartz manufacturer brand, you are buying into a product not covered by a warranty.

  1. Colour Consistency

Superior quartz countertops will have consistent colour throughout each slab, made possible because quartz is an engineered material. If a single slab varies in its colour consistency, these imperfections could become highly visible once it is seamed with another.

In general, all manufactured quartz countertops have some colour variation between slabs. There’s an even greater chance that the sample you select will have a subtle variation with the slabs you receive for your space, even with premium quartz countertops. However, choosing higher-quality slabs is the ultimate solution to prevent extensive colour consistency problems.

  1. Non-Through-Body

Through-body quartz means the slab’s veining and colour run through the entire countertop, not just on the surface. The majority of wholesale quartz countertops are non-through-body. Such countertops look unfinished and incomplete on the edges and undersides. Unfortunately, most homeowners do not notice this inconsistency until their quartz countertops are already installed.

  1. Cracks and Holes in the Slab

Cracks and holes are an obvious sign that the quartz countertop is low-quality.

  1. Stains and Spots

The presence of spots or stains is a clear warning of condition issues.

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Problems with Wholesale Countertops 

More Prone to Stains and Cracks

While high-quality quartz is strong and durable, low-end quartz is highly susceptible to cracks and stains. These cheaply-priced slabs can go through imprecise or careless mixing and quality control procedures and will be more prone to discolouration. Oftentimes, these issues aren’t visible until the faulty countertops are already installed, creating a major headache for the unsuspecting homeowner.

Costly Fixes

Any renovation or remodel is expensive in itself, but imagine having to replace the new quartz countertops that you’ve just purchased. Replacing low-end quartz that starts to fall off, crack, or stain can end up being a costly affair.

How to Avoid Wholesale Countertops 

Since you now know how significantly wholesale quartz counters differ from high-quality quartz surfaces, here are some ways to avoid buying wholesale kitchen countertops:

Choose a Trusted Manufacturer

Quartz countertops are engineered by mixing ground quartz, resins, and colour pigments, which determine the quality and colour of the slab. Caesarstone is a premium quartz manufacturer that crafts its surfaces with up to 90% quartz minerals and ensures the highest standards during the creation of each slab. The brand is trusted for its quartz products, known for their immense strength and durability.

Plus, with the growing popularity of quartz countertops, it’s best to consider how long the manufacturing company has been in business. Few manufacturers have mastered engineered quartz and have a long-term reputation like that of Caesarstone. Trusting such a high-end quartz manufacturer means you avoid any chance of buying cheap quartz countertops.

Look at Warranty

A quartz manufacturer’s warranty will tell you a lot about the quality of their products. Before selecting a quartz countertop dealer for your upcoming project, it’s vital to study the terms of the warranty. You want to be covered if something happens with your countertop investment.

Fortunately, with Caesarstone’s manufacturing excellence, you can be assured of the quality, durability, and classical beauty of our quartz surfaces. That is why we offer a lifetime warranty on certain residential and commercial indoor products (subject to provisions set out here).

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The Cost of High-Quality Quartz Countertops

Quartz surfaces have become a preferred choice among homeowners and designers for their numerous benefits. With this high-end counter material, you get what you pay for. However, that does not mean that quartz countertops are expensive. On the contrary, it may be much more affordable than you’d imagine. Today, the initial cost of a high-quality quartz countertop will range from $50 to $150 per square foot.

Why Get High-Quality Quartz Countertops?

Don’t forget that countertops are not something you change often. If they’re high quality, they’ll serve you for a lifetime. Not only can this investment add to the value of your home, but it can also lead to less repair costs down the road.

Caesarstone is a great option for high-quality quartz countertops. With its wide range of colours, patterns and finishes available, you’re sure to find something that works for you. Talk to a Caesarstone representative today to get started.