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Reading: Would Countertop Covers Really Make a Difference?

Would Countertop Covers Really Make a Difference?

September 7, 2022
5 min read

New counters for kitchens and bathrooms are a big expense. However, countertop covers are often a viable lower-budget solution. 

If you’re in a rental or don’t have the budget to replace your countertops, covers (like peel-and-stick) are a great solution. 

Here’s everything you need to know about countertop covers.

Countertop Covers – What Are They? 

Countertop covers are exactly what they sound like. They go over the existing countertop to give it a new look or cover damage. 

They’re a wonderful way to refresh the look of your bathroom or kitchen, without the large financial and time investments of redoing counters. Covers are a particularly good choice for renters or low-traffic areas like spare bathrooms. 

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The Many Forms of Countertop Covers 

Countertop covers come in several shapes and sizes, although there’s only a handful of different styles: 

1. Wood – This is a great counter cover in the right scenarios, but it’s important to consider what it will be used for. If it’s going to be in a kitchen, a non-porous hardwood will repel bacterial buildup or warping from consistent exposure to heat and moisture. 

1a. In bathrooms with a shower, it may be best to use either bamboo plywood or opt for another counter cover as other wood types could be damaged by the moisture. 

2. Modular Granite Covers – These are perfect for those who want granite countertops, but can’t afford to install the real thing. In essence, they’re thinner pieces of granite that are designed to emulate granite countertops without being massive, heavy pieces of stone. 

3. Laminate – If you already have laminate countertops, these are actually rather easy to breathe new life into. Laminate is very affordable, making it a perfect choice for those looking for an appealing short-term substitute for the countertops of their dreams. 

3a. For the DIY enthusiasts, you can purchase countertop refinishing kits to resurface existing countertops. These use epoxy and stone chips to imitate a nicer countertop, and are very easy to install on laminate.  

4. Tile – One of the most popular counter covers (especially in bathrooms), and for good reason. It’s highly temperature and moisture resistant, easy to clean and maintain, and it comes in countless shapes, sizes and colours.  

5. Concrete – A more modern solution, skimmed concrete countertops can look great. While it’s inexpensive and looks good when done properly, it’s definitely not the most durable solution. It’s also a difficult installation process, but if you have the skills, it’s definitely worth it. 

6. Countertop Film – This is a thin, paper-like substance used as a thin protective layer on countertops. It’s a good short-term coverup for unattractive counters, but it’s surprisingly difficult to install and will not stand up to extended use. 

7. Spray Paint – For the more creative homeowner, this could be an interesting solution. This is great for laminate or wood countertops that can be easily sanded, but it will require extensive work. If done properly, it can look better than rolled on paint and is much more budget-friendly.   

8. Peel-and-Stick – Think of this as wallpaper for countertops. About as durable as a few coats of paint but less expensive and can look great. 

9. Overlays – Countertop overlays (such as Transform by Caesarstone) are a great option for a premium cover. Caesarstone’s countertop overlays consist of a thin sheet of quartz that goes over existing countertops (i.e. laminate) to provide a high-quality look and feel. 

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Why Buy Countertop Covers? 

Countertops are expensive and time-consuming to replace. And if you’re renting or working on a budget, they’re likely just not something you can consider.  

Countertop covers are ideal because they’re drastically more affordable, and some options (peel-and-stick) can be easily removed, allowing renters a bit of creative freedom.  

The downside is that they almost always require a bit of work – especially for those on a budget. And without prior installation experience, there’s a risk of damaging the area being resurfaced. 

Extra Factors 

There are a few additional things to keep in mind when deciding between actual countertops and covers. First, is the environment. High-traffic areas like kitchens and primary bathrooms are going to see more wear and tear than guest bathrooms or basement bar tops. 

If you’re planning to use a less than durable cover (such as concrete or spray paint), the humidity and heat of the area are important to keep in mind. A cover could separate from its surface, warp or crack. 

Final Thoughts 

Countertop covers can be incredibly useful if proper research is done and they are installed correctly. But rashly deciding on a cover could end up being costly when it gets damaged due to its environment. As with all home renovations, make informed decisions.  

Do extensive research before starting a DIY project. If you’re willing to put in the work, you could be rewarded with a beautiful new countertop for a fraction of the price of true stone tops. 

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Related Questions 

Are Peel-and-Stick Counter Covers Worth It? 

It depends. If you’re working on a budget or renting, they’re a great choice to add a bit of personality to your home. But if you have the money to go for more durable options, there are a lot of great choices that will last longer. 

What Are the Benefits of Countertop Covers? 

  • Countertop covers are cheaper than the full-sized stone versions. 
  • No need to send your existing countertop to the landfill. 
  • No demolition or major renovations needed. 
  • You can install them yourself. 

Do Countertop Covers Damage the Existing Counter? 

Some do, some don’t. Peel and stick covers won’t damage the things beneath them, but things like a concrete pour-over will absolutely damage existing counters.