4 Ways to Backsplash in Your White Kitchen

White Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

White kitchens have withstood the test of time. They are easy to clean, and exude a fresh, clean look, perfect for the place where food is cooked. White kitchens are also timeless. After spending thousands of dollars redesigning a kitchen, its comforting to know that the white color won’t go out of style in next year’s magazine. And yet, even in the white kitchen, the backsplash is a place you can get creative, with different textures, colors, and materials.

Ride the Train

The white, shiny tiles lining subway stations around the world make for a wonderful
backsplash in your kitchen. Whether you go full size subway tiles, or trim it down to miniaturized tiles, your kitchen will sparkle with the classic white times. Add some definition to your walls with charcoal grout between the bricks, or keep everything looking pristine and white. Either way, you’ll have a backsplash your neighbors will admire.


Color Splash

Just because the rest of your kitchen is pure white doesn’t mean that you can’t get colorful on your backsplash. Find a complementary bright color that helps the room light up. You can even match your backsplash color to some highlights or accents around the room, such as chair cushions or flower pots. Let your personality come through with the color that reflects who you are.

Like a Rock

Quartz backsplashes are a wonderful complement to your white kitchen. The sleek material brings a modern twist to your classic-looking kitchen, creating a contemporary atmosphere where you can entertain guests while preparing for your dinner party. Quartz gives you the flexibility to go with an all white backsplash, or introduce exciting color tones.

Bet on Black

You can’t go wrong with a black backsplash. Sharp contrasts catch the eye, and bring your kitchen to life. There is an endless choice of materials you can use, from glass tiles to ceramic squares, and an endless array of patterns you can use. If you’re feeling bold, randomly mix in a few white tiles into your backsplash for a look that is as unique as you are.

Just because you have a white kitchen doesn’t mean you are limited in your choice of backsplash. Choose the materials, colors, and styles that bring a smile to your face every time you walk into the room. After all, it is your kitchen.