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Beyond The Surface

Introducing Beyond the Surface: A profound exploration of the crossroads between culture and design, championing the belief that design should be an authentic reflection of its creators.

Brought to you by the Caesarstone Circle – a diverse group of designers and content creators – Beyond the Surface draws on their wealth of experience and collaborations. Join us for candid insights, practical advice, and genuine inspiration, as we celebrate the transformative power of design in our work and play spaces.

Beyond the Surface goes beyond dictating or critiquing trends, offering a deeper understanding of how cultural influences ignite our creativity and fosters emotional connections without sacrificing functionality.


Meet The Caesarstone Circle

Joy Green
Millennial Lifestyle Influencer, Houston, TX

“When it comes to my design I always want to add that layer of coziness in.”

Brian Brown
Interior Designer, San Diego, CA

“I take these different elements and mix it into a design so it’s something unique and special…and very California.”

Camille Styles
Influencer & Blogger, Malibu, CA

“The one way to really break through the noise and be impactful in our lives and our careers is to just lean into what makes you, you.”

Matthew Quinn
Kitchen & Bathroom Designer, Atlanta, GA

“Caesarstone is all about function of course and then about beauty.”

Kickie Chudikova
Product & Furniture Designer, NY

“The countertop is usually the most dominant part of the house like something that really pops into your eyes.”

Vanessa Fong
VFA Architecture & Design, Toronto

“I started looking at how spaces could actually feel really nice but layered on as an architect it still has to be really really functional.”

Marti Galluci
Designer Director, Mason Studio, Toronto

“One way I think surfaces and countertops specifically can be such a reflection of that person and really an opportunity to express their personality.”

Surface The Possibilities