How to use patterns in the kitchen?

Patterns are a wonderful way to add style and textural depth to your kitchen. The most common way to add patterns is to decorate your walls, either by applying wallpaper or by painting them. Another alternative is to add a pattern using tiles- on your backsplash, on a wall, and even on table tops. A less known concept is to use your kitchen surfaces to add patterns. Caesarstone has created a unique collection of textured patterns called the Motivo. The collection has exquisite surfaces that can transform your kitchen and provide it with that extra detail you have been looking for.

When it comes to wallpaper, there is truly an endless variety of patterns to pick from. From ultra-modern abstract shapes to traditional florals and figurines. Once you have made your selection, you need to decide what the right balance will be- wallpaper can be applied to the entire kitchen or placed on a select wall only.

If you prefer paint, you can paint a particular pattern on your walls and even onto your cabinets. If you are a do-it-yourselfer, stencils are an effective tool with which to achieve intricate and detailed designs. For example, delicate floral or fruit patterns spread throughout the kitchen can give it an attractive and homely feel.
Tiles are another medium that is effective for creating patterns. A natural place to lay tiles is on your backsplash. It is common to have a tiled pattern that has a symmetrical feel to it, or if you have a more traditional kitchen then there are the Delft-like tiles that are absolutely breath-taking. There are also more exotic patterns such as golden roses and jewelled mosaic creations. Another way to use tiles is to place them on your wall to create an interesting centrepiece.
Last, but definitely not least, there is Caesarstone’s Motivo collection. There are four different styles to choose from- Lace, Crocodile, Braids and Stripes and each style is available in several colours such as black, white, grey and beige.

Below is a transitional kitchen that has a striped design on it surfaces (island, counter and backsplash). The off-white colour works well with the wooden cabinets and the striped surface add a subtle and elegant design element to the kitchen.

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kitchen patterns

If you prefer a style that is a little bit more exotic, the ‘crocodile’ pattern is truly captivating. In the kitchen below the black crocodile surface was chosen to compliment fire-engine red cabinets. The black and red kitchen has an ultra-modern look and the patterned surface adds an extra touch of pizazz.

kitchen patterns

Caesarstone’s Lace design, showcased below, is a timeless pattern that works well in both traditional and modern kitchens. The Lace has a dainty print of blooming flowers that adds freshness and liveliness to the space. If you want to add just a touch of pattern, place this design on your backsplash and it is certain to upgrade the look of your kitchen.


Another attractive option is the Braids pattern. The pattern is graceful and soothing and can be an ideal solution if you are looking to add a touch of texture. The beige Braids style below is especially attractive if you have wooden furnishings since it’s colouration compliments the natural brown tones of the wood.


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