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7 Kitchen Sink Ideas

Many kitchen designers often refer to the ‘kitchen triangle’ in their design methods and layout. This trifecta of space contains the three most important parts of the kitchen—the refrigerator, the stove and the sink. Because these three areas of the kitchen are the most used in areas in any kitchen space, they are often placed within close proximity of one another to create an efficient triangular shape.

And because these three areas of a kitchen are so important, they should never be overlooked or underfunded. The following list of kitchen sink styles can help you on your way to choosing the perfect kitchen sink for your new kitchen design.



A self-rimmed sink is one of the most common styles of kitchen sinks and is often one of the cheapest. This style of sink can be easily identified by the rimmed edge that sits on top of the counter. Rimmed edged sinks commonly have two basins and are typically made from stainless steel. Because this style of sink is so easy to install, they are often chosen by DIY homeowners looking to save extra money on their kitchen renovations and`

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For a smooth and nearly seamless transition from the sink to the countertop, and undermount sink is a prime candidate for your new kitchen sink. Attached underneath of the countertop rather than resting on top of it like a self-rimmed sink, an undermount sink employs special clips to mount the sink basin under the lip of the countertop. A thin seam between the sink and counter space is hidden from view, but must be maintained regularly to prevent leaks.

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Farm Style

Farmhouse sinks sport a deep basin, lower front lip and a basin that’s closer to the user so it’s easier to use. This style of sink has been used in farmhouse kitchens for hundreds of years, but is beginning to make a new resurgence in today’s modern residential kitchens. They also create conversation piece when people notice how different they are installed on the countertop.



For the ultimate in smooth transitions between the sinks basin and the countertops surface, nothing beats the look of an integral sink. The integral sink and countertop are fabricated from the same material so it appears there are no seams in the design. Stone, marble, quartz and other composite materials are often used for these great kitchen sinks and countertops.

integral kitchen sink



If you’re looking for the perfect custom fitting design for your kitchen counter space, look no further than a composite kitchen sink. These single piece units are also made using engineered materials such as quartz, granite or other easy to manipulate custom materials. Caesarstone creates a gorgeous composite sink that’s a perfect fit for any kitchen design.


Solid Surfacing

When a solid surfacing sink is created, it is created in one solid piece along with the countertops. Many solid surface materials include stone, but stainless steel is also used for solid surfacing a kitchen countertop and sink. Some softer natural stones can be used as well as engineered stone products for custom layouts. Solid surfacing sinks can be very heavy and need a good solid cabinet base for these materials to work best in your kitchen design.


Solid Stone

Solid stone sink basins are one of the best looking undermounted kitchen sinks on the market. They have a luxurious look, texture and warmth that fills any kitchen space with an opulent glow that can be tough to emulate. While a solid stone sink can certainly add value to your new kitchen space, they can stain and scratch easier than other sink styles. Take into consideration how much abuse your sink will take before you choose this style kitchen sink.

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