Rose Quartz Countertops — Design Ideas

Homeowners often opt for neutral shades or standard colours when redesigning their kitchen. Incorporating colour to your cabinetry or countertop can create a unique design that really makes your kitchen pop. The Concetto series is an exclusive line of semi-previous stone offered by Caesarstone that will give your kitchen an extraordinary look. Subtle and often understated, 8410 Rose Quartz is the perfect tone to incorporate in your next remodel. The following are some tips and tricks to get you started on the path of pink.

The Advantages of Rose Quartz
8410 Rose Quartz provides a versatile look for any kitchen or bathroom remodel. Incorporating pink into your design can lend a soft and delicate feel to your space without overwhelming the area or can be paired with black ceramic tiling to create a dramatic tone.


Opting for a rose quartz countertop will make your kitchen stand out from amongst the crowd. As a cure for love in the art of Feng Shuai, the combination of a pink semi-precious counter with stainless steel appliances will make you fall in love with your new kitchen.

As with any other Caesarstone surface, 8410 Rose Quartz blends modern sophistication and timeless luxury with unbeatable strength and durability. Backed by a 10 year warranty, rose quartz is the perfect countertop to pick when trying to add a splash of colour.

Pink Quartz Kitchen Design Ideas
Here are some kitchen design ideas to help you find the perfect way to incorporate rose quartz into your next remodel:

• Mixing a pink quartz countertop with soft grey cabinetry will create a warm and calming vibe for your new kitchen. This combination of colours is a classic trend, and one of our favourites too!

• Brass faucets and cabinet handles are a great way to compliment the soft tones your rose quartz countertop. Paired together with a bold hardwood floor and you’ve got a beautiful combination to complete your new space.

• Incorporating pale pink curtains in your kitchen or bathroom can offset the pink in your countertop and creating the feeling of a more intimate space.

• 8410 Rose Quartz is the perfect backsplash and added touch when trying to make your white kitchen pop



All in all, remodelling your home is no walk in the park, especially when opting away from neutral colours and standard tones. Kitchen remodelling is a great way to blur boundaries and explore designs that inspire and complement one another. Adding the subtle hues and soft tones of 8410 Rose Quartz is a perfect way to dare to be different.