Urban Kitchen Ideas

Whether you live in a small city or a sprawling metropolis, you can bet on one thing when it comes to the city kitchen—it’s going to be small. That’s because space is at such a premium in the urban dwelling. But just because you have a small kitchen doesn’t mean that it won’t do a lot of work for you. With the right design, features and appliances, any urban kitchen can be made to feel like a larger space than it really is. Use these tips for designing an urban kitchen and make your city kitchen space come to life.

Mirrored Backsplash
Mirrors can really help to give the appearance of more space. And what better way to add mirrors to a kitchen than by installing mirrored tiles on the backsplash. Mirrored tiles are one of the easiest and cheapest ways to fake more space in a small kitchen.

Flush Mount Cooktop
Little to no cabinet and countertop space is one of the hardest parts of working in an urban kitchen. There’s really nowhere to add additional countertops or cabinets and the space that is available is often filled with counter-hogging appliances like stovetops or microwaves. To help free up space on the counter, it’s a wise idea to install a flush mount cooktop stove. Highly polished glass makes for a great surface to chop vegetables, stack groceries or even store other small appliances. Install a control panel that’s below the kitchen countertop for even more free space in the urban kitchen.

Pull Outs
Pull out cabinet drawers are designed to maximize space in the small kitchen and really go a long way in an urban kitchen design. Whether it’s for your pots and pans or it’s a full sized pantry for all your dry goods, pull out cabinets are phenomenal at storing large items in a tiny space. Best of all, you can add these cabinet features to your already existing cabinets so you don’t have to spend a fortune on cabinet renovation costs.

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Slotted Drawers
Silverware and utensils can easily get out of hand in an open drawer. You can conserve space easier by installing slotted drawers for these loose items. Some slotted drawers feature removable slots so that you can store eating utensils on the top for easy access while less used silverware like the gravy ladle can be conveniently stored underneath and out of the way.

Stacked Cabinets
Just because the space below and above the countertop is full of cabinetry, doesn’t mean that you can’t fill the space with more cabinets still. Going vertical and stacking cabinets on top of each other is a great way to help add storage space to a small urban kitchen. You’ll not only get more space to store all of your kitchen supplies, but you’ll also have a good looking cabinet design that fills the space while still making it as useful as possible.

Under-counter Appliances
Not all city kitchens have the space for a full sized refrigerator or freezer. That’s where under-counter appliances come in handy. You can still have plenty of storage for your frozen or refrigerated groceries without having to compromise on kitchen space with an under cabinet refrigerator and freezer. These small, yet spacious appliances work great for small city kitchens that are tight on space.

Eat-in Kitchens
Urban kitchens can benefit from an eat-in kitchen space by eliminating the dining space all together. A small kitchen island with a few well-placed barstools or armless chairs not only provides the ultimate eating space, they also help to create more storage opportunities below and above the eat-in kitchen island.

Built-in Shelving
Open shelving spaces are easy and affordable to install in both older and brand new kitchens. These open storage areas can hold utensils, pots, spices or cups for the perfect open air design that helps provide more storage space between cabinets while allowing you to display your favorite dishes, silverwares or spices.

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