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Modern Style: Less is More

This design style regards simplicity as superior to ornamentation, with its motto of “form follows function.”

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Modern Spaces kitchen
modern 3. Complementary lamp
modern Complementary accessories vase
modern wood
modern metal

What is the Modern Design Style

Inspired by the architecture of the 1920s and taking its cue from that era’s Bauhaus movement, modern design style maximizes straight lines and minimize decoration for an uncomplicated look that balances material, volume, and shape.

Often also referred to as Mid-Century Modernism because the style gained momentum in the 1950s, modern design follows the motto “form follows function,” where a shape primarily relates to its intended purpose.

Clean and simplified, this design style is characterized by the reserved use of decorative elements with a preference for practical items. Space is distributed using the layout of furniture instead of built walls, and the natural light accentuates this style’s distinct calm beauty.

Typical Colours

The typical modern colour palette uses white, beige, grey, taupe, and shades of black, paired with nature-inspired monochromatic colours.

  • Black

  • Beige

  • White

  • Taupe

  • Grey

  • Inspired by nature

Matching Materials

With metals alongside woods and concrete next to glass, leather, and natural fibers, this is the modern style’s balancing act between pure purpose and practical beauty.

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  • modern Indoor vegetation
  • modern glass
  • 500_375 modern Concrete
  • Modern leather
  • modern wood
  • modern metal

Colours for Modern style

Recommended surfaces that are a perfect fit

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Suggested Décor

Furniture act as partitions instead of walls, defining the modern space arrangement that is low on decorative embellishments in favour of practical pieces that are aesthetically appealing.

  • modern Complementary accessories vase
  • modern 3. Complementary lamp
  • 900_1200 modern 3. Complementary accessories kettle
  • Modern914x542_B

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