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Reading: 12 Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas

12 Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas

June 21, 2024
5 min read
5114 Calacatta Maximus

A kitchen island is a versatile space that serves a multitude of functions. It provides extra room for preparing food, reading recipes, having informal meals or cocktails, and entertaining friends and family. This is something to keep top of mind while researching kitchen island lighting ideas. 

Often the centre of attention, the kitchen island also acts as a stunning showpiece. This is why it is important to choose lighting that will complement and accentuate the beauty of your quartz countertop, while tying together the entire look of the kitchen.

When selecting the right kitchen island lighting, it is important to consider the quartz colour and style, the size of the island and the overall vision.

For those who have opted for a neutral countertop, like Caesarstone’s 3141 Eggshell, there are several options when it comes to choosing complementary lighting. But regardless of the versatility of the counter top colour, there are endless combinations to make the kitchen island one to be admired.

If you are looking for kitchen island lighting ideas, here are 12 types of fixtures to suit a variety of styles and tastes.

Globe pendants 

There are countless kitchen island pendant lighting ideas to choose from, but glass globe pendants are a popular choice for a polished, modern look. As these pendants are quite versatile, they can be paired with a number of quartz countertop colours. An option like 5114 Calacatta Maximus would work particularly well, especially if the pendants have any brass hardware, which would complement the golden-copper lines in this premium quartz. 

Industrial pendants 

With an industrial-style quartz countertop, such as 406 Clearskies, you will want to choose a light fixture that works well with a concrete finish. To top off this look, dark cabinets and black industrial pendants would fit nicely. 

Billiard-style pendant

If you are seeking kitchen island lighting ideas for a modern farmhouse-style kitchen, an antique billiard-style pendant could be the perfect classic addition. Pair this type of lighting with a kitchen island quartz countertop like 5000 London Grey to complete the look.

5000 London Grey

Coloured lampshade pendant

Selecting a coloured lampshade pendant is a great way to add a fun pop of colour to amid-century modern kitchen. This will work well with a quartz counter top colour such as 6011 Intense White.If bright colours do not suit your taste, a neutral lamp shade pendant will complete the look just the same.

Rectangular LED fixture

These stunning fixtures will take a nultra-contemporary kitchen to the next level.A minimalistic rectangular LED fixture will nicely complement sleek and sophisticated quartz countertop styles, like 3100 Jet Black.

Rustic chandelier

A rustic farmhouse-style kitchen would not be complete without the added charm of a rustic chandelier. Opting for a kitchen island chandelier that incorporates wood and dark hardware is a great choice to achieve this look. Rustic chandeliers pair well with quartz countertop styles such as 5131 Calacatta Nuvo.

Geometric fixture

This dynamic style of lighting is available in countless options and is one of many popular modern kitchen island lighting ideas.The combinations are endless.Pair a gold wire geometric fixture with a quartz kitchen island counter top such as 5100 Vanilla Noir, and add gold kitchen accents.

Recessed lighting

This style of lighting is ideal for those who do not want to hang anything over the island. Recessed lighting offers the perfect illumination for all tasks while also concealing the light source.With a modern kitchen island quartz countertop such as 5143 White Attica, recessed lighting would be a perfect addition for a clean, bright kitchen.

Cage pendant

Cage lighting is another ideal choice fora modern industrial kitchen island. A quartz countertop such as 4735 Oxidian, which boasts inky, rust-like details, would be beautifully illuminated by a cage pendant.

Exposed wires

This style of kitchen lighting has been growing in popularity and can add a wow factor to an industrial kitchen island. To achieve a look like this, consider a quartz countertop like5810 Black Tempal.

Edison bulbs

A light fixture with multiple Edison bulbs is a perfect choice for both rural and urban-style kitchens, due to the variety of styles and hardware choices on the market. Opt for an Edison bulb light fixture with a wood finish for a rustic-industrial aesthetic. This can be paired with a quartz kitchen island countertop like 4120 Raven.

Track lighting 

Track lighting is a great option for those seeking a more minimalistic approach to kitchen island lighting. Best suited for a modern kitchen, track lights provide the homeowner with a variety of options in terms of size and shape. A modern kitchen with a kitchen island quartz countertop like 5031 Statuario Maximus will make for an eye-catching combination.  

5131 Calacatta Nuvo

What to consider before installing kitchen island lighting

Adding dimmers

Dimmers are often ignored or forgotten when selecting lighting fixtures. When shopping for kitchen island lighting, bright lights may be the only priority. While they are important, an inexpensive dimmer can adjust the light to the desired ambience.

Kitchen island size

It is important to know the overall size of the kitchen island to get the lighting right. Getting precise measurements of the width, depth and height prevents anything from being too understated or overbearing.

Under-cabinet lighting

Upper cabinets will always block light, making the lower cabinets darker. If you are using the island as extra storage, under-cabinet lighting will simplify the search for stored items. Under-cabinet lights should be bright enough to balance the overhead lights and the recessed lighting.

Ceiling height

A common mistake that homeowners make is purchasing pendant lighting that hangs too low. Do not work with estimation when it comes to ceiling height. Rather, work with precise measurements. A good rule of thumb is having at least three feet between the island countertop and the bottom of the light fixture.