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Reading: 13 Bathroom Vanity Ideas That are Worth the Investment

13 Bathroom Vanity Ideas That are Worth the Investment

October 7, 2021
5 min read

Bathroom vanities are a popular design element right now because they make your bathroom feel more like home, and if done properly, they offer extra space. 

Whether you’re looking for modern, minimalist style or a rustic, homey feeling bathroom, we have ideas for every personal style. 

3100 Jet Black


When it comes to bathroom vanities, they’re as varied as their owners. 


A rustic bathroom vanity offers a few things. First and foremost, it allows you to bring in some natural, earthy colours and shiny bronze or copper. This is great for homes with hardwood flooring and a more craftsman style of interior.  

Rustic vanities make use of hardwood, copper, bronze, and faux wear and tear to make the space feel lived in and cozy. Most existing wooden vanities can be turned into a rustic style with a little bit of effort. 

Treatments can be applied to metal to change their colour and wear, and wood can be sanded, painted, or treated to apply a more lived-in look. 


A minimalist look has been popular with homeowners for a few years now. For this style, make use of basic whites, greys, and blacks to turn a bare room into a sleek, modern space.  

With the use of mirrors, glossy tile, and stainless steel, you’ll have a beautiful space that’s not overwhelming in its presence. If opting for quartz to complete this look, Caesarstone’s striking and sophisticated 3100 Jet Black or 1141 Pure White is what a minimalist’s dreams are made of.  

Modern Farmhouse 

This is a blend of a rustic style with modern sensibilities. While modern farmhouse styles generally incorporate wood and wicker for a comfortable mood, they benefit from a bit more colour.  

As this style features a lot of wood and not much metal, painting and resurfacing these spaces is much easier than some other alternatives. This allows both creative flexibility and an easy opportunity to change your mind. 

If seeking a quartz vanity top to suit the modern farmhouse style, colours from Caesarstone such as 5131 Calacatta Nuvo and 5000 London Grey elevate the warmth and charm of the aesthetic.  


This is a rather broad style. If you’ve ever watched Suits or Sex and the City and dreamed about emulating the apartments, this is the look for you. It’s similar to the minimalist approach, but it makes use of more vibrant colour and a bit more hardwood.  

This is a nice compromise for the couples who can’t decide between a modern farmhouse and a minimalist style – the best of both worlds. 

If you are considering a quartz vanity top to complete this look, colours like 5143 White Attica and 5151 Empira White from Caesarstone will work beautifully. 

 Forms of Bathroom Vanities 

The style you choose is only the beginning. To get the most out of your bathroom vanity, the form it takes is important.  

Some offer extra space, others are designed to fit into tight spaces, and others allow you to move the vanity if the need arises. 

Free Standing Sinks 

These are the sinks often seen in older homes. Not attached to the wall, they stand alone.  

Free standing (or pedestal) sinks are a great choice because they can fit just about anywhere and can be adapted easily.  

Free Standing Vanity 

Rather than a simple sink, these vanities are designed as a whole package. They come in thousands of forms, but are generally rectangular and made out of wood. Though limited in shape, they’re easily adaptable and can mesh with most styles. 

Floating Vanities 

Popular in modern homes, this form is attached to the wall without anything underneath. The result is what appears to be a hovering vanity. 

While these look fantastic, they do come with one major drawback. Because they’re not attached to the ground, too much force could rip them from the wall. 

The added bonus of this form is that the additional space underneath the hovering vanity can be used for shelves or other storage. 

Vessel Vanities 

These are more common in hotels than homes but still look beautiful. They make use of a bowl or coffer, rather than a sink, to catch liquid. While this means that there will be less vertical space above your countertop, you’ll also gain storage space in the cabinet below the sink.  

Undermount Sink 

The opposite to a vessel vanity, an undermount sink is an attractive option that optimizes countertop space but sacrifices the storage space underneath. 

5111 Statuario Nuvo


There are five primary materials for vanities: 

1. Stone vanities are the most expensive and exceptionally striking. The added bonus of these is that they’re generally the most sturdy form of vanity countertop. Granite or marble are the most common. 

2. Quartz vanities offer the look of natural stone with added durability and ease of maintenance. Caesarstone’s premium quartz can be used for stunning and long-lasting vanity tops that can be used daily and cleaned easily. A quartz colour like 5111 Statuario Nuvo offers all the benefits of quartz with the appearance of classic marble. 

3. Laminate is one of the more affordable options for vanity countertops. Beyond its low price, its adaptability makes it a desirable option. It’s easily painted and comes in a large number of styles. 

4. Particle board is another affordable option, but it comes with a hitch. If it’s not properly sealed with melamine or veneer, it may warp or incur damage from the shower’s steam. 

5. Plywood is an extremely common choice of vanity material. It’s affordable, easy to use, and stands up well to heat and moisture. It can also be painted, which allows room for creativity. 

Final Thoughts 

There are countless forms a bathroom vanity can take. Choosing what’s best for you means finding one that fits with the rest of your home’s style and taking into consideration what it is made from, and how much space is available. 

Related Questions 

Can I Paint My Bathroom Vanity? 

It depends – what is it made out of? If it’s wood or laminate – go ahead! But quartz, tile, metal or stone vanities should never be painted. 

Are Bathroom Vanities Expensive? 

Unfortunately, yes. Even on the cheaper side, vanities often cost closer to $1,000 than $500, often making it upwards of $2-3,000.