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Reading: 12 Ideas for a Farmhouse Laundry Room

12 Ideas for a Farmhouse Laundry Room

October 20, 2022
6 min read

Whether an individual hates it or loves it, no one can escape laundry.

So why not create a farmhouse laundry room which could be a great space to do the chores in?

The space’s functionality should be prioritized by every homeowner, as the laundry room is primarily a utility region. After all, whenever individuals talk about a laundry room, the first thing that comes to mind is various equipment necessary for cleaning clothes.

However, laundry rooms are not just about washers, dryers, etc.; arguably there are many other things that enhance the look and feel of the area.

Every individual is looking for ways to make their laundry day feel like a fun activity rather than a chore. With that being said, here are 12 ideas for a farmhouse laundry room to create a perfect place to truly relax while getting regular chores done:

Modern victorian kitchen ideas

1.) Modern farmhouse laundry room with chalkboard wall

An individual can create a pleasant space for their modern laundry room by featuring a quartz countertop and modern flooring. In addition, this concept features a wooden shelf, a classic white crate storage bin area, and a chalkboard wall which gives a vintage feel to the laundry area.

An individual can utilize the chalkboard wall to write brief instructions about the items that require special cleaning or can use that chalkboard to write jokes or quotes to share with their family.

An individual can also distribute the laundry among the family members using this chalkboard. Whatever may be the case, this concept will provide a perfectly functional and cozy laundry area.

2.) Tall cabinets with upright panels

If an individual wants to maximize the wall space, they can install a dryer and washer below the cabinets. Then, the additional space could be used for storing items used frequently while doing the laundry, like; washing powder, bleach, etc.

3.) Laundry room with quartz countertops

Quartz countertops with a natural finish are among the most popular materials in farmhouse laundry rooms.

Quartz countertops are incredibly strong, versatile and absolutely gorgeous. High-quality quartz countertops manufactured by a reputable company like Caesarstone are bound to improve the aesthetic appeal of any farmhouse laundry room.

4.) Modern farmhouse laundry room with floral wallpaper

Wallpapers give any laundry room space a decadent and distinguished look and are highly recommended. An individual can easily hide the imperfections of the laundry room’s walls by adding wallpaper to the wall finish.

Apart from changing the appearance of the laundry room, these wallpapers are also quite easy to replace. Hence, it could be used if an individual likes to change the look and feel of their laundry room from time to time.

5.) Cubicles under the laundry room counter

Under-counter cubicle shelving along with taupe walls, a polished quartz countertop, and decorative prints add an eye-catching ambiance look to the laundry room.

A rope basket could also be added to the concept as it perfectly goes along the cubicle shelves and does not clash with any patterns.

6.) Patterned black and white laundry room floor tiles

This design could be a great choice for any homeowner. Firstly, this design is more comforting to the eyes than many other patterns.

Secondly, since the laundry area experiences a lot of foot traffic every day, patterned tiles could be a perfect choice as the patterned tiles very efficiently conceal wear and tear and are also very easy to clean.

Lastly, this design gives a lively feel to the laundry room farmhouse theme, especially if an individual wants to keep the walls neutral or in white colour.

A pure white countertop, like Caesarstone’s 9141 Ice Snow, will add to the classic look of these types of laundry rooms.

White farmhouse kitchen with white countertops 
9141 Ice Snow

7.) Laundry room featuring patterned floors

If an individual prefers neutral colours in their farmhouse laundry room, they can choose floors with prints and patterns, adding texture and dimension to the laundry area. An individual can utilize grey colours to create a great definition without causing discomfort to the eyes.

8.) Include wall mounted hanging racks

If an individual is bound to dry clothes only inside the house, installing hanging racks on the laundry room wall as a substitute for the dryer could be a great idea.

Installing the wall-mounted hanging rack will save a lot of floor space and could be folded back to the wall when not used.

9.) Laundry room with dog shower

Combine several functions by creating a laundry room where multiple tasks can be performed, like washing pets.

Individuals could incorporate a tub and shower for washing up their furry friends in the farmhouse laundry room.

10.) Multi-layer shelves industrial-style

If an individual wants to increase the storage area of the laundry room but also wants to maintain the spacious appearance, it is recommended to go for wall shelves.

The biggest benefit of these wall shelves is that the full vertical space could be utilized, and the wall shelves also provide a fuller look to the laundry rooms.

These shelves also give visual openness and also provide easy access to the items that are used frequently.

11.) Light up the laundry room

Luxury lighting could also be a great addition to the laundry room as it might give a beautiful brightness to the laundry space. But an individual should not only restrict themselves to stark white light. Instead, people should go for some lights that add cozy warmth to the room.

Make sure to add countertops like Caesarstone’s 5810 Black Tempal, a surface that is not very reflective, this way light does not feel unpleasant to the eyes.

Black countertop with utensils, plant, and towel 
5810 Black Tempal

12.) Laundry room with a piece of art

A big sink between the dryer and the washer is also a great strategy so one doesn’t have to walk all across the room to use the sink.

An individual can also place a beautiful artwork above the sink to enhance the aesthetics of the laundry room.

12 ideas for a farmhouse laundry room — Conclusion

Laundry rooms are not just about a space that can be used to do chores. Instead, these laundry rooms can be transformed into a space where an individual can relax and feel comfortable while completing chores.

These modern farmhouse laundry room ideas can give the laundry room a vintage look and farmhouse feel.

Utilizing them properly will also increase the storage area and make the laundry room more spacious.