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Reading: 7 Beach House Kitchen Ideas

7 Beach House Kitchen Ideas

October 20, 2022
6 min read

You don’t need a waterfront house to have a coastal kitchen.

Adding a beach house kitchen might be the best option for homeowners to introduce ocean vibes to the kitchen space, even if they don’t live along the coastline.

Even though one isn’t going to feel the sand between their toes, the sight of a beach kitchen will bring just as much joy.

Any changes from fixtures to installing countertops can convert the kitchen into something that gives homeowners a rustic, beachy feel.

In this guide, you will find beach house kitchen ideas to consider while sprucing up kitchen space:

White beach-style kitchen with white quartz kitchen island  
1111 Vivid White

Blue and white kitchen

For homeowners with small kitchens, a light, airy coastal kitchen can make it feel larger. The easiest way to do this is by combining white quartz countertops with blue cabinets and wooden flooring. For instance, one can opt for Caesarstone 1111 Vivid White. These countertops look authentic when it comes to giving beach vibes in the kitchen space.

One can also add touches of light and aqua blue, lightweight curtains, decorative pieces, or a glass top table. In this way, one can change the whole look of their space to a beach house kitchen with rustic vibes.

Go for the classics — An all-white kitchen

Homeowners might think of having a cozy country kitchen for the fall and winter. Or, a light, breezy coastal kitchen for the spring and summer because changing from a farmhouse kitchen to a coastal kitchen can be extremely simple with white cabinets. To transform this kitchen with worn-out benches, all that is needed are new drapes and wall and countertop decor.

One can go with 5141 Frosty Carrina with white cabinets and dark-coloured wooden flooring. It will surely give the beach look one is expecting from their kitchen space.

Make use of accent colours

Use an accent colour wisely in the kitchen space to provide focus points and add a dynamic angle to any space. For example, the kitchen can be painted grey to blue-gray for the top of the table, one bench, and a door. Shade the countertop, splash guard, and refrigerator side with hues of grey. This look acheives a larger kitchen, brought together by extending the grey accent across the space.

Sweet indulgence

Use a cheery pastel colour scheme to make the kitchen look as delightful as your favourite dessert. Colours that are more muted make a statement without taking over the room. Custom-painted cabinets can contrast amazingly with a shiny white floor, while patterned countertops can make the kitchen a striking focal point.

For instance, Caesarstone’s 1001 Riverlet from the Pebbles Collection can give a rustic beach house kitchen look in an effortless way. 

The two-tone woodwork provides another stylistic innovation. Light blue paint can be used to highlight the lower cabinet doors and drawers while leaving the rest of the furniture white.

All-blue beach kitchen

For homeowners who love the ocean more than anything, opting for an all-blue kitchen look can feel like a personal ocean at home. Shade the walls and ceiling with a light blue hue, while a deeper shade of blue can be used to coat the cabinets in an oceanic wave. To really take this to another level, incorporating blue tiled floors will offer a deep sea embrace to every guest.

In addition, one can add a sea glass coloured backsplash to break up a monochromatic colour scheme. It will surely give a reflection of ocean water in the kitchen space.

Cream with black veins beach-style quartz kitchen island  
5141 Frosty Carrina

Mix farmhouse and beach house kitchen

To create a farmhouse yet beach-styled kitchen, one can go for older-looking cupboards and a weathered plank front on the island’s base. In this way, it will depict farmhouse-style kitchens; one can add a white backsplash that will serve as an accent colour throughout the kitchen.

Homeowners can also add drapers featuring a tropical motif, bowls, and baskets made of tropical wood to give a beach look. To give a final touch, one can add a wooden whale above the window.

Create a coastal decor with beach finds

Homeowners can use items found along any shoreline and seaside décor that are reasonably priced. One can scatter them throughout the kitchen or experiment to make one-of-a-kind items for the walls and countertops. Also, one can create wall hangings with string or make things like the previous driftwood mirror with hot glue.

Things to consider before going for a beach house kitchen design

So, these were the ideas one can use to design their kitchen into a beach house. These designs will surely delight anyone. Let’s go through the things to consider before selecting the design ideas:

Establish a budget

Establishing a budget before starting is the greatest way to ensure that one doesn’t unintentionally spend too much of one’s savings on the kitchen renovation. Determine the intended budget as well as the amount of leeway they have to go above it. One way to make sure you stay on budget is to order samples. Homeowners that are looking for the best quartz kitchen countertops can ask about ordering Caesarstone samples from a local retailer or showroom.

Establish a timeline

Be careful to set a deadline in addition to a precise budget. Consider how long one could actually survive in a makeshift kitchen. Require completion of the renovations in four weeks? Or perhaps one could extend it to eight?

When remodelling a kitchen, there are many things to consider; be sure the remodel is meticulously planned so one won’t have to juggle schedules at the last minute.

Outdoor bar with white counters 
6600 Nougat

Determine the requirement for permits

Keep in mind that some renovations call for permission from the city authorities. If one doesn’t have these, it may not be easy to sell or refinance the house since potential lenders and buyers want to ensure the modifications adhere to building laws and regulations.

Check the plumbing

Consider whether any plumbing needs to be moved when planning a kitchen remodelling. Even if a homeowner may have specific items in mind for various locations, it’s crucial to make sure the right pipes are there.

7 beach house kitchen ideas — Conclusion

For homeowners who love to stay near the beach or ocean, changing their kitchen to a beach house style can give them what they need. These design ideas will surely make the kitchen a rustic yet coastal space.

So apply these design ideas but don’t forget to carefully consider the things before renovating the kitchen.