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Reading: 8 Laundry Room Countertop Ideas

8 Laundry Room Countertop Ideas

October 20, 2022
5 min read

Whether it be an apartment, condo or detached home, everyone needs a laundry room.

For all apartment renters or homeowners, laundry room countertops offer the perfect place to fold clothing fresh out of the dryer, spot treat stains, lay delicate stuff to dry, and much more. There is no need to keep wrinkled heaps of clothing left for days in the laundry basket.

Basically, a countertop for laundry room spaces simplifies processes and makes washing clothes easier than ever.

Some areas in a house see a lot of action daily and need plenty of care and attention when it comes to foot traffic and organization. The laundry room is one of these areas, and getting the right laundry room countertop is recommended for every homeowner.

Let’s take a look at the top laundry room countertop ideas for residential spaces.

Laundry room with white countertops 
1004 Stoneburst

Go with a butcher block countertop

For those adding new cabinetry to the laundry room and giving it a makeover, butcher block countertops may be a part of the process.

A sheet of butcher block can be cut to fit over the top part of the dryer or washer then fastened to the surrounding cabinets or mounted on the wall. Space for the countertop can be carved out beside the dryer or washer, and in the case of front-load appliances, a section can be added right above.

Try out a high-quality engineered quartz laundry countertop in the laundry room

Quartz countertops are incredibly popular in kitchens, and they are a fantastic option for the laundry room as well. The engineered stone provides the beauty and elegance of natural stones like granite and marble at low maintenance because it is non-porous.

Laundry room countertops are often splattered with cleaners, detergents, etc., and this is where quartz becomes the best choice. However, quartz can be expensive, so homeowners should only shop for high-quality products manufactured by reputable companies, like Caesarstone. Caesarstone’s 1002 Wyndigo is one of the most in-demand countertops for laundry rooms.

Build a laundry room island

Whether a homeowner has a small laundry room or a wide-open, large one, placing an island or table in the middle of the room is a simple, yet effective, way to add a touch of extra utility to the space.

A stainless steel island acts as a surface where one can fold laundry, do art and craft projects with kids, wrap gifts, iron clothing, or just stack up laundry. It is a great way to add a countertop without messing with the laundry cabinets or other furniture items.

Classic white kitchen with cream counters 
6046 Moorland Fog

Place a dog bed under the laundry countertop

One of the most creative laundry room counter ideas, pet owners can place their dog’s bed under the countertops and double down the laundry room as a pet room. Homeowners love this because the bed is moved out of the walking space, and dogs love the denlike, cozy feeling in the semi-enclosed space under the countertop.

Install countertop above the dryer and washer

Another convenient and widely-used idea is installing the laundry room countertop above the dryer and washer. It offers the perfect surface for placing, folding, or ironing clothes when they come out. The countertop also offers an area to stash laundry baskets or let clothes dry on it. There is no need to carve extra space for the counter when one goes with this choice.

Run the countertop along the wall

For tight laundry rooms, homeowners can install narrow laundry room countertops along the entire wall of the room. This offers plenty of space to queue up laundry baskets, arrange piles of clothes for each family member, lay lots of clothes to dry after washing, iron clothes and fold them, etc. The surface offered by such countertops is long and quite durable.

Use countertops to make laundry bin storage

If the laundry room is big enough to fit a standalone countertop in it, homeowners can leave the area underneath the counter empty without adding any cabinetry there. The additional storage space created underneath is ideal to park rolling laundry carts, stack laundry baskets, or keep other stuff. The possibilities are practically endless for homeowners who want to be innovative and efficient in their laundry rooms.

Black kitchen with grey quartz island  
1002 Wyndigo

Types of laundry room countertops that are perfect for residential spaces

Solid surface countertops – Acrylic and other solid surface countertops are non-porous and smooth. They do not absorb moisture or heat from laundry rooms, but ironing clothes on these countertops can melt their surface.

Engineered quartz countertops – Quartz is a premium choice of material for countertops and is undeniably durable. Thanks to its durability, engineered quartz can withstand practically anything that a homeowner throws at it. That being said, engineered quartz needs custom fabrication while installing, but it is highly durable and can last for a lifetime.

Butcher block countertops – Wooden or butcher block countertops are easily-available, durable, and easy to install. One must seal such counters regularly because wood warps in high humidity and warm areas. When taken care of properly, these countertops offer a lot of durability and longevity.

Laminate countertops – Laminate countertops have a smooth and seamless surface, available in a host of different finishes and colours. It is not as durable as other materials, but it is among the cheapest materials and great for homeowners working on a tight budget.

8 laundry room countertop ideas — Conclusion

Laundry room countertops are versatile and offer much-needed space in the room. There are lots of materials that can be used for laundry countertops, and one must consider various factors like aesthetics, durability, cost, availability, maintenance, etc., before making a choice.

For those living in premium homes, going for premium materials like quartz is recommended, while those on a budget can go for less-expensive options.

Add flair, elegance, and utility to the laundry room with the right countertop!