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Reading: Bathroom Countertops - For the Modern Bathroom

Bathroom Countertops - For the Modern Bathroom

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When shopping for bathroom countertops, you have many options – but don’t let that overwhelm you. Today, we’re going to look at a few popular ideas for bathroom countertops. Among these ideas, you’re certain to find one that speaks to you.

Bathroom Countertop Options and Ideas

Bathroom Vanity Countertops

Keep it Simple

Your bathroom vanity countertops themselves don’t have to be intricate. Consider leaving that for the base cabinets. Simple white quartz countertops pair exceptionally well with more complex cabinetry, for example. Go with a marble grain-style white quartz countertop for a luxurious look that is still simple and won’t overwhelm the rest of the room’s decor.

This isn’t to say you shouldn’t ever think more complex with your bathroom sink countertop. Just don’t feel as though you absolutely must. Keeping things simple is a great way to reduce costs.

Choose Your Material Wisely

Don’t let aesthetics alone blind you to the impracticality of various materials. People who choose wood for their bathroom vanity countertops, for example, very quickly discover that the material requires more maintenance than they initially planned. Wood is porous. If you don’t reseal it often, it will soak up moisture and bacteria, becoming unsightly and unhygienic. Granite is also highly porous and needs to be resealed as often as twice a year.

Quartz Bathroom Countertops

Quartz is by far the best and most popular material for your bathroom sink countertop. Its non-porous nature helps it resist moisture. You also never need to seal quartz bathroom countertops, so they’re low-maintenance.

Use the Material’s Properties for Your Own Benefit

Quartz is good for more than just your bathroom countertops themselves. The material’s strength and versatility allows you to get as adventurous as you’d like, even constructing an entire vanity from it.

While you may not wish to get as adventurous as the picture above with your quartz bathroom countertops, know that it’s not uncommon for people to have entire sinks built from quartz, resting atop a quartz surface.

Match Your Quartz Bathroom Countertops to the Shower

Bathroom Countertops - For The Modern Bathroom
5131 Calacatta Nuvo shower wall cladding and vanity top

Another way to make use of quartz’s versatility is to pair quartz bathroom countertops with quartz shower wall cladding to create a cohesive, luxurious look. Because quartz is engineered stone, we at Caesarstone can mold it into a variety of shapes to create a seamless surface.

This differs from materials like granite, which cannot be installed seamlessly and does not make for a great bathroom surface due to its porous nature.

Explore the Different Colour and Pattern Options

One of quartz’s many benefits is that it comes in a variety of colours and patterns. Beyond white quartz bathroom countertops, we offer a variety of designs including concreteshitake, and vanilla noir. We produce these looks by combining quartz with various pigments and resins.

In other words, if you have a particular bathroom aesthetic in mind, don’t think you have to settle for basic-coloured countertops. Think big and we’ll have a surface that suits your vision.

Custom Bathroom Countertops

Cost-Effective Customization

You don’t have to spend a fortune on elaborate custom bathroom countertops. At Caesarstone, we offer a very simple solution for customizing our already great surfaces: edge profiles.

When it comes to good bathroom design, details matter – and customizing the edge of your countertop is a great, subtle way to transform the room’s feel. While you’re welcome to choose an edge profile of your own, we offer many, including:

  • Double radius
  • Bevel
  • Double bullnose
  • Miter edge
  • Bevel square
  • Ogee bullnose
  • Ogee square step
  • Triple egg
  • Triple bullnose

The right edge profile makes all the difference when it comes to creating a particular bathroom aesthetic. Many people overlook the importance of choosing an edge profile intelligently because they think custom bathroom countertops have to be elaborate and expensive. It really can be as simple as choosing the right edge.

White Bathroom Countertops

Enhance a Small Space with White Bathroom Countertops

A common trick among interior designers looking to enhance small bathroom designs is to rely on light colours that make the space feel larger. One of the best ways to achieve this is with white bathroom countertops alongside other light hues throughout the space.

White Doesn’t Mean Plain

Bathroom Countertops - For The Modern Bathroom
5111 Statuario Nuvo

One common mistake people make when considering white bathroom countertops is that ‘white’ means ‘plain’.

While a colour like 1111 Vivid White certainly can be stunning, you can also add some texture with a grained, marble-style quartz countertop like 5151 Empira White or 5111 Statuario Nuvo.

Colours like these are still bright enough to make a small bathroom feel larger but they also provide plenty of visual intrigue.

Custom Bathroom Countertops with Sink Undermount

Create a Seamless, Modern Look

Bathroom Countertops - For The Modern Bathroom
4001 Fresh Concrete

Custom bathroom countertops with a sink undermount are great for creating a sleek, modern look in your home. This works especially well with Caesarstone quartz bathroom vanity tops. We engineer our surfaces within very tight tolerances to ensure you don’t have to worry about leaks at the seams.

Are You Sure You Don’t Want an Integral Sink?

Another common mistake people make when sorting through bathroom countertop options is to confuse a sink undermount with an integral sink.

Both achieve similar looks but an integral (also known as integrated) sink is truly seamless. There is no “undermount” portion and, hence, no seam to worry about. Rather, the sink is one with the countertop. One flows into the other.

Quartz is great for achieving this as we can mold the material into just about any desired shape.

The Caesarstone Advantage

Regardless of your desired style, you can count on Caesarstone for the best bathroom countertops on the market. Whether you’re looking to create a dominantly quartz bathroom or something more subtle like a bathroom vanity with a quartz countertop, we certainly have a solution for you.

We use a blend of roughly 90% quartz combined with pigments and polymers to manufacture premium services for both residential and industrial applications. We inspect each surface and hold our work to the highest possible standards, ensuring our products are great for our customers and the environment.

Use our virtual bathroom designer to start experimenting with our various surfaces. Then, take a look at our Caesarstone locations and stop by one near you.

In Summary

We chose the bathroom countertop idea above based on trends we’ve observed in the industry. To recap, bathroom vanity countertops can be simple. In fact, some of the best bathroom surfaces take a backseat in terms of complexity to base cabinets and other surfaces in the room, providing elegance in place of intricacy.

You need to choose materials wisely. Pairing a bathroom vanity with a quartz countertop is your best bet for aesthetics and functionality.

When weighing your bathroom countertop options, you also need to think about colour. White quartz bathroom countertops are a very popular option among those looking to create a spacious and luxurious feel, particularly in a smaller bathroom.

Lastly, think about the type of sink mounting you’d like to pair with your bathroom countertops. Quartz bathroom surfaces allow for a great degree of customization in this area. You can go with an undermount sink or an integrated one for a truly seamless look.

Frequently Asked Questions?

What is the best countertop for a bathroom?

The best bathroom countertops, without a doubt, are quartz by Caesarstone. Quartz is a non-porous surface that comes in many different colours, styles, and patterns.

How do I clean bathroom countertops?

Quartz countertop care is remarkably simple. The main thing to avoid when cleaning bathroom countertops is strong chemicals such as trichlorethane or methylene chloride. These will damage a quartz bathroom countertop’s surface.

How do I remove stains from bathroom countertops?

A non-abrasive household cleaner is all you need to remove most stains from bathroom countertops. For particularly stubborn stains, you can pair this with a no-scratch Scotch-Brite pad.

How much do new bathroom countertops cost?

Quartz countertops start at about $40 per square foot and reach the upper tier around $100 per square foot.