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Reading: Best Countertop Options for Modern Bathrooms

Best Countertop Options for Modern Bathrooms

September 14, 2021
6 min read

Creating a modern bathroom can be simple with the right countertops. Finding viable options may be easier than ever but you may be feeling overwhelmed with the numerous options available to you. Fortunately, choosing the right surface for your modern bathroom can be easy with the right guide.

For modern bathrooms, traditional options like tile and laminate are probably not the best choices. Unfortunately, they stain easily and can be marked up by cosmetics or toiletry items. They are also harder to clean, which is not good for bathrooms.

Bathroom countertops need to be kept free of germs and harmful bacteria to keep you and your family healthy and safe. In this article, we have created a list of the best bathroom countertops for a modern-designed bathroom.

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Bathroom countertop options and cost  

Quartz is easily the most viable option for bathroom countertops. Easy to clean and naturally repellant to germs and bacteria, it is an ideal choice for the bathroom.

Quartz is engineered and is more durable than many other countertop options. Since it is engineered, there are also many more design options available to you than with other countertop materials. Almost every quartz option is modern due to its sleek and smooth surface.

Nonporous quartz is able to repel bacteria without being treated. Nonporous surfaces also do not have to be sealed or finished every few years like other countertop materials.

While other countertops require special cleaning materials or disinfectants, quartz can be cleaned with mild soap and water. This makes cleaning the bathroom a breeze without harsh chemicals or other scented cleaners. However, quartz is also able to withstand most household cleaners if you choose to use them.

Quartz is also stain-resistant. Makeup or cosmetics spills should wipe away with ease. It is non-absorbent, so cosmetics will not be retained on the surface.

The countertops are also naturally scratch-resistant and heat-resistant. There’s no need to be extra careful or stressed when dealing with quartz countertops in the bathroom.

They are also very easy to instal. Your new countertop can be ready to use in as little as one day. Caesarstone offers a comprehensive guide on how to keep your quartz clean with little to no maintenance.

Available in a wide range of colours and designs, the countertops are also highly customizable and can be cut and made to fit into any size bathroom.

Check out our amazing colour collection and get started with your new bathroom today.

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Countertop options for bathrooms 

If you want to explore surfaces other than quartz, there are some other options to create a modern bathroom design. For a modern look, you will have to choose the bathroom design and colours accordingly.


Granite is probably the second-best option after quartz. Most granite options offer a sleek and smooth look that naturally looks modern. Granite comes in many different grades, some more affordable than others.

Higher grade granite will be more expensive but also much more durable. Granite can handle the heat and wear much like quartz can. Unlike quartz, granite must be resealed every few years. It requires much more upkeep and maintenance than quartz, so keep this in mind when choosing your material.


Marble is well-known for being modern and luxurious. It is very appealing to many homeowners and buyers alike.

However, marble comes with a few downsides. It is the most expensive of all the options and stains much easier than granite or quartz. Marble is not the best option if you have small children or use cosmetics that could potentially stain the marble surface.

Marble is highly durable but quartz can be engineered to look like marble. Giving you the modern marble look you want without all the upkeep and maintenance.


Wood can be made to look very modern and is in style in many homes right now. However, wood needs to be highly taken care of, or it simply won’t work in the bathroom. Wood is the most susceptible to water damage and rot.

You will need to ensure that the wood does not get wet and that all your pipes are in proper order. Make sure all seams are properly sealed and hire a quality plumber before installing wood. Wood is the cheapest option and could be a good idea if you are on a smaller budget.

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Tips for creating a modern bathroom  

Now that we’ve covered the various countertop options, let’s explore some of the other things you can do to create a modern bathroom.

New vanity

A new vanity is the perfect way to showcase your new countertop selections. Large mirrors and new light fixtures will automatically make your bathroom look chic and modern.

Select a vanity that naturally fits into the design of the bathroom without overwhelming it. A good vanity will add a luxurious look but not take away from the rest of the bathroom’s features.

Update your sink and faucet

With a modern look comes new sink fixtures and faucets. Even with new countertops, old sink features can leave your bathroom looking dated and mismatched. Make sure you update your fixtures to match the new countertops and that they blend seamlessly.

The most modern fixtures for bathrooms are usually bronze, nickel, or an oil-rubbed hue. Metallic options also give the bathroom a modern and updated look without trying too hard.

New lighting

Modern light fixtures are pleasing to the eye and will reflect off your quartz countertops to make your bathroom seem brighter and larger. Matching your lighting and sink fixtures can give your bathroom a cohesive look, like it was designed by a professional.

The best lighting for modern bathrooms is subtle and not too distracting. Avoid large chandeliers or colourful lighting.

Add a bathtub

If you have extra room in your bathroom, a freestanding bathtub can give it an effortlessly modern look. It can also be the visual centrepiece of the space. An eye-catching feature for anyone who walks in.

The most modern bathtubs are usually rectangular or oval. They could also have claw feet for extra flare.

Final Thoughts  

Creating a modern bathroom is most notably done through countertops because they are the focal point of any bathroom. Quartz countertops naturally repel bacteria and can be engineered to fit any home and design. This makes them the simplest choice for new counters. Add some light and sink fixtures to match, and you have a refreshed modern bathroom.