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Reading: Earthy Home Decorating Tips

Earthy Home Decorating Tips

September 14, 2021
6 min read

An earthy design style is one of the top trends for 2021. A home space filled with earthy tones can help you feel more grounded and connected to the outdoor world. It can also foster a sense of peace and serenity whether you are working from home or just relaxing.

The simplest way to create an earthy interior design is to incorporate the colour schemes you would find in nature. Pull inspiration from the green foliage, blue sky, brown tree trunks, and white sands.

Using earthy tones also makes it much simpler to decorate your home because everything fits together naturally. You can incorporate pops of colour through accent pieces or keep it more subdued with only earthy tones. Either way, your home will be your own personal oasis.

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Create a modern and sleek kitchen

You might not think that earthy and modern go hand in hand, but they do. Minimal earthy tones fit perfectly into your modern kitchen and create a chic space for hosting your guests.

The focal point of most kitchens is the countertops. They are the largest surface area and the most prominent part of the home. Choosing a beautiful earthy toned quartz countertop can easily transform your space into the earthy haven you are imagining.

Quartz countertops are also an amazing and low-maintenance addition to any kitchen because they are nonporous and will naturally repel any germs or bacteria. A stain-resistant surface, you won’t have to worry about cleaning and resurfacing your countertops constantly. Once installed, they are good for a lifetime.

At Caesarstone, we’re known for our exceptional craftsmanship and quality countertops. We have a lifetime warranty and are eco-friendly, perfect for your new modern earthy home décor.

A great way to create an earthy and modern kitchen is to include some natural elements, like a wood butcher block. The combination of the wood and the quartz creates a beautiful contrast. Hardwood floors are another great addition to a modern earthy interior, although it will require more renovations and expenses.

If you choose to have wood floors installed, try to go with a lighter, brighter wood. Choosing a slightly different finish from your butcher block or wooden chair legs will create a more diverse colour scheme, reminiscent of the great outdoors.

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Add wood elements in the bedroom

Beyond the butcher block in the kitchen, having wooden elements anywhere in the house can add a nice earthy modern interior design. Bring in the beauty of nature with a wooden bedside table, a wooden bed frame, or a wooden bookshelf.

Not every piece of furniture has to be wooden, and not all the wooden elements have to be the same finish. Most earthy homes look better when they incorporate many kinds of wood.

Wooden signs and wall hangings are also easy to find a local home décor shops. They can even be a fun DIY project if you want a personal phrase or your family name on them.

Use plenty of plants

When envisioning an earthy interior-designed home, the vision isn’t complete without many plants. Floor plants look dramatic while smaller plants can be spread throughout the house on tables and shelves. The best plants for earthy homes are usually plain green ones that are not flowering. Good houseplants are low-maintenance and tolerant of low light or infrequent watering.

The plants help bring together any other natural elements you may have in your home, such as woven baskets, earth tone rugs, or other features.

Neutral colour palette

For a natural palette, everything should be in the earthy tones of your colour scheme. This includes bedding, pillows, couches, rugs, curtains, and virtually everything else in your home. Try to find variations in the neutral colours though.

For example, using white bedding, rugs, and walls may be too much white. Try to use slightly different shades of neutrals for your bedding and bedroom. Having subtle colour differences will make your room seem more elegant and cozier.

Use minimalist furniture

Earthy interior homes usually do not have highly structured or oversized furniture. Many people choose to decorate with small tables or dressers, level with the height of the bed or counters.

Distressed wood dressers and bedside tables can be an easy and affordable look. You may even choose to leave your mattress on the floor to create a minimalist and cozy look.

Don’t decorate too much

Earthy interior designs are extremely cost-effective because they require minimal decoration. A few wall hangings or fixtures in each room will complete the natural look.

A small gallery wall can be a great way to show off neutral paintings, wooden signs, and small metal pieces. It can also be a great focal point above the couch.

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Make the most out of your natural lighting

You don’t have to have big windows to have natural lighting, although it does help. If you only have small windows or live in a shaded area, having an earthy modern interior design that focuses on light tones can easily make your house or apartment seem lighter.

Use sheer, thin curtains to allow light to filter through while also providing some privacy. Hanging a large mirror will maximize the light you do have by reflecting it throughout the space.

Use hanging shelves

Hanging shelves in any finish of wood or painted a natural colour are a great way to display smaller plants or other greenery. They are also nice for showcasing a dried bouquet or smaller pieces of artwork.

The hanging shelf is also a minimalist decoration that won’t draw too much attention away from other larger decorations you may have.

Add touches of gray and black

Although the main pieces of your home should stay within the neutral colour themes, adding in some gray and black pieces can solidify the theme. Punctuate your space with small darker pieces throughout.

You could add a dark pillow or have a light gray bedspread in the bedroom. A gray lamp or smaller darker artwork among your larger wooden pieces would also work. Some of your plant pots could also be black or light gray.

Final Thoughts

Creating an earthy and modern home can be easy with a neutral colour scheme, a few floor plants, and minimalist artwork. Incorporating a butcher block and earth shade quartz countertops can also add an extra touch of nature to bring the entire theme together.

Not everything has to match exactly, and wooden pieces can be in all different finishes. The earthy interior design movement is cost-effective and can work in large homes or small apartments. Many people DIY earthy home decorations, making the theme even more affordable and giving you a fun project to complete in your free time.