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Reading: Countertop Waterfall Trend 2021: Your Ultimate Guide

Countertop Waterfall Trend 2021: Your Ultimate Guide

April 29, 2021
4 min read

Your kitchen’s appearance ultimately affects the entire home. While you can have a purely functional and basic kitchen, transforming it into a thoughtfully-designed space allows you to express your personal style. The countertop waterfall trend is a popular way to add sophistication to your kitchen. 

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What is a waterfall countertop? 

This is a countertop that drops vertically to the edge of a cabinet. It creates a continuous flow, linking the cabinet in a natural and fluid manner. Waterfall countertops are a more modern style.  

Here is the A-Z guide for waterfall countertops in 2021 

Waterfall countertops are not a fad! 

Trends come and go but this classic kitchen design is here to stay. When used in a contemporary kitchen, it’s a modern and dramatic way to feature a beautiful countertop. 

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Which materials can you use to create a countertop waterfall? 

While you may have a tight budget, it is wise to choose durable, long lasting materials that won’t need to be replaced any time soon. Look for beautiful, eye-striking, and quality materials to make this bold style really pop. 

Quartz, granite, and marble are excellent options for waterfall countertop materials. However, wood and concrete can also be used.  

How much should waterfall countertops cost? 

The waterfall countertop cost can vary. However quartz slabs should cost approximately $75- $120 for every square foot. Even if you are a handy and crafty person, do not attempt to DIY these in order to avoid the installation cost. You risk ruining the entire slab and doubling your costs. 

Depending on your location, the installation cost ranges between $60 to $100 for every square foot. You will incur an extra fabrication cost which creates the continuous flow to the vertical drop, all the way from the horizontal drop. To install a countertop waterfall, fabricators use a computer numerical control laser cutter. This smoothens the edges precisely, ensuring there is no visible seam. The fabrication cost depends on the size of your space.  

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Finding a fabricator may not be a walk in the park 

If you choose a stone countertop waterfall, you must use an experienced fabricator to handle the job. As we mentioned, attempting to DIY countertop waterfall installation may ruin the material. Here are some things to consider when choosing your fabricator; 

  • Only pick fabricators who have been in business for a long period- Given that the number of years in a field does not always translate to good services, shop around for reviews from previous customers. You can also review pictures of their previous work or ask for recommendations.  
  • Ensure that the fabricators use the CNC stone cutting technology 
  • Ensure they are licensed and insured 
5143 White Attica

Here are some tips for designing a waterfall countertop: 

  1. Bright whites will lighten your space 

Give your space a fresh, clean look with a wooden floor and a white-on-white kitchen countertop waterfall with subtle décor. 

  1. Bold colours are a great option too 

Try using bold coloured countertop waterfalls. Showcase the bright colours with the right lighting, whether you prefer pendant lighting, recessed lighting, lamp fixtures, or track lights.  

  1. Play around with marbles 

Either plain marble or a high contrast, black and white marble waterfall countertop will give your space a dramatic feel.  

  1. Try contrasting colours 

Add visual interest with contrasting colours. For instance, white cabinets can make a black waterfall countertop really pop.  

  1. Get artsy 

The many unique patterns of quartz available can blend well while also lending an artistic flair to your space. Appreciate the intricate details and veining like you might admire the strokes of a painting. 

  1. The power of bright furniture 

Against a neutral waterfall countertop, bring a bit of colour with some bright and punchy barstools. The days of playing it safe with colour are gone. Experiment with blue, yellow or orange with your kitchen furniture and accessories.  

  1. Elevate your cabinet or ordinary island 

A waterfall kitchen island will elevate the entire look of your kitchen. Opt for a kitchen island with open shelves for decorative storage space. While it is a simple feature, the waterfall countertop island brings a more cultivated and polished feel to the space. 

  1. Countertop waterfall and small spaces 

Most people live in small spaces. While it is everyone’s dream to move to a larger space one day, you should not limit your home’s style because of the limited space. Changing one thing, like the countertop design, has a greater impact and comes at a lower cost in a small space. Live beautifully, no matter how large or small.  

  1. The mid-century look is a vibe 

With a mix of old-school and modern décor, you can make your home everyone’s dream space. Try a white countertop waterfall on the island. If you have enough space, leave room for minimally stylish Scandinavian designed seating.