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Reading: IDS Toronto 2023 is a Wrap!

IDS Toronto 2023 is a Wrap!

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Caesarstone was proud to be part of IDS again this year, sharing our vision for the future of our industry. The launch of Caesarstone’s Multi-Material portfolio marks a leap forward in design possibilities. The expansion of our portfolio provides you with the innovative trend-forward designs and material durability you need, all in one place with the quality you can trust from Caesarstone. Our booth Juxtaposed offers a new point-of-view on our countertop surfaces, brought to life by the creative mind of interior designer Brian Brown.

Caesarstone Wins Best-Booth Award

Caesarstone was honoured to receive the award for Best Booth in the large booth category! The immersive installation Juxtaposed, designed by renowned interior designer Brian Brown, celebrated Caesarstone’s new multi-material collection. Brian Brown showcased the beauty and versatility of our diverse portfolio by using a wide array of surface materials, mixing textural and contrasting elements for Juxtaposed.

We brought together a wide range of materials, textures, colours, and designs in our booth. These combinations show that any design vision can come to life with Caesarstone’s extended portfolio.

NEW! Porcelain

Caesarstone now makes Porcelain more accessible, providing countertop applications with reliable performance and the beauty of much-desired Marble but with the durability and performance needed for countertops. The collection includes 22 colours, and comes with two finishes, honed and ultra rough.

If you are interested in our Porcelain samples, place your order now!

Global News Spotlight

We would like to thank the team at Global News Toronto for stopping by our booth to explore our innovative porcelain collection. The Global News team was excited to learn how our new porcelain has high heat resistance, allowing you to cook directly on the countertop. We were delighted to feel how quickly the porcelain countertop cooled down even after boiling water directly on the countertop surface. Check out their segment here!

Stay tuned for more coverage of Caesarstone at IDS on the Marilyn Denis show and CityLine, coming soon.

In-Booth Events

This past weekend, we curated unique interactive experiences to give you a new point of view on our material offerings. At Caesarstone we are inspired by our commitment to sustainability, dedication to innovation, and passion for design excellence which we brought to life in our booth.

Wellness Hour

Caesarstone’s commitment to sustainability and passion for bringing nature into the heart of the home inspired our Wellness hour which gave guests a moment to relax and recenter themselves during the busy show. Our guests created their own aromatherapy essential oil blends and enjoyed hand massages and a cup of warm tea from our tea bar.

LIVE Cooking Demonstrations

Chef Joshna Maharaj demonstrated the durability of our new Porcelain collection by chopping vegetables directly on scratch-resistant porcelain and by using an induction cooking system to cook directly on the heat-tolerant porcelain countertop, Invisacook. Leave gas and electric stove tops behind and cook directly on the counter for a seamless minimalist countertop space! Caesarstone is built to last and will be durable for your day-to-day life.

Outdoor Oasis

In our cozy outdoor booth space, Pro-Fit Living introduced an innovative self-intuitive design platform for designers. Using the full Caesarstone portfolio of Porcelain and Outdoor Quartz, any outdoor space can be created for you instantly.

VIP Event

Thank you for joining us to kick off IDS Toronto! What a night to remember full connection and discovery. Our custom cocktails named after our porcelain colours sparked a conversation about our exciting multi-material portfolio. At our VIP Event, guests sipped on custom cocktails named after our porcelain colours, sparking conversation and drawing inspiration.

We want to offer a special thank you to anyone who stopped by our booth to witness this monumental launch for Caesarstone at IDS. Our team was thrilled to be awarded Best Booth and we offer our congratulations to all the other winners of this year’s show. We look forward to seeing how you bring your visions to life through our innovative designs, durability, and quality you can trust with Caesarstone!