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Reading: Pink Quartz Countertops: Design Ideas & Alternatives

Pink Quartz Countertops: Design Ideas & Alternatives

April 24, 2023
6 min read

Pink counters have been gaining popularity in recent years as homeowners look for unique and bold ways to add colour to their kitchens and bathrooms. 

This beautiful and versatile material is made from natural quartz minerals, making it incredibly durable and easy to care for. 

Pink quartz countertops are the perfect choice for homeowners that are looking for a pop of colour, a touch of glamour, or a statement piece.

beige and pink quartz kitchen countertop

What is pink quartz?

Pink quartz is the same material as quartz, but with a pinkish hue. 

It continues to be tougher than many other popular materials for kitchen and bathroom countertops. Caesarstone manufactures some of the highest-quality quartz countertops available to homeowners and business owners in Canada.

Another great characteristic of pink quartz is its versatility. It can be used in a variety of different styles and designs, from modern and contemporary to traditional and vintage.

Benefits of pink quartz

Quartz is a great countertop material and is ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, or commercial spaces for a variety of reasons.

Here are some of the most noteworthy factors that make quartz the best material for countertops.

  • High-quality 
  • Easy care and maintenance
  • Durability
  • Nonporous 
  • Hygienic
  • Stain-resistant
  • Heat- and scratch-resistant
  • Natural and classic


The finest quartz blend and craftsmanship are used to create Caesarstone’s quartz countertops. 

Additionally, Caesarstone is so confident in the quality of their products that they are offering a lifetime warranty, which is a promise both homes and business owners can rely on.

Easy care and maintenance 

Just grab a soft cloth and some soap or a non-abrasive cleanser. Without the need for a sealant, upkeep remains simple.


Quartz is the ideal material for countertops in homes and businesses because of its durability. It is nearly unbreakable, with a Mohs hardness rating of 7.


Quartz is a nonporous substance that resists wear and tear well.


With quartz, bacteria, mould, mildew, and other microorganisms shouldn’t be an issue. It is a surface that keeps its cleanliness, making it a fantastic option for bathrooms and kitchens.


Homeowners can achieve peace of mind knowing that their Caesarstone quartz countertops won’t be ruined by unexpected spills or messes. Since the surface is both nonporous and nonabsorbent, the risk of staining is minimal if the mess is cleaned up in a timely manner.

Heat- and scratch-resistent 

Heat-related damage and scratches are rarely a problem with quartz countertops. However, homeowners should always use a trivet for hot items or a cutting board when chopping for the best results.

Natural and classic

Traditional. Classic. Quartz is renowned for its timeless properties. Offerings are available for all tastes in style and aesthetics, from the opulent to the bold to the contemporary.

modern white and pink quartz kitchen countertop
5222 Adamina

Pink quartz in the kitchen

Pink quartz is an excellent choice for homeowners who want to give their kitchens and bathrooms an elevated, elegant, and romantic look. Homeowners that prefer porcelain can opt for a stylish product like Caesarstone’s 580 Fume. This product features an energetic beige base with cream-coloured veining rippling through. 


Homeowners who want to try out a contemporary look can start with a pink quartz countertop paired with black cabinets. Select darker furnishings with gold hardware for a bold and modern aesthetic.

For more contemporary alternatives, try 5200 Dreamy Marfil, a countertop that exudes elegance, maturity, and drama.


A pink quartz countertop is the perfect foundation for creating a dreamy, romantic kitchen. Adding in dark floors, wooden chairs, and light-coloured cabinets will pull the entire look together in no time. This look is versatile—gold or silver finishings are both welcomed.


If living in a home right out of a fairytale is the dream, then say hello to the eclectic style, which oozes creativity and provides lots of options for storage. 

Pair a pink countertop with original finishes and geometric shapes to pull the space together. 

For more design inspiration, take a peak at Caesarstone’s Inspiration Gallery


Imagine a kitchen that is both modern and classic. Look no further than a transitional design, comprised of a decorated ceiling, blush-coloured walls, stylish windows, and of course, a pink quartz countertop.

If that sounds like too much pink in one room, consider an alternative like 5222 Adamina, featuring a pattern with an ode to a golden dune or serene dessert.

Pink quartz in the bathrooms 

Homeowners who want to give their kitchens or bathrooms a stunning appearance can opt for the following designs:


Natural materials, warm and earthy colours, and plenty of plants are what the organic style is all about. A soft pink will fit this design choice. Homeowners can also try using a white countertop, like 4600 Organic White, a clean surface with like-coloured layers and subtly blended undertones.


Two-tone bathrooms are in and for a good reason—they are versatile, simple, and chic. Pink quartz can go well with black, blue, white, and much more.

For an alternative, try the same colours paired with white for a more modern look. Check out 1111 Vivid White, a product that will pair well with practically any design. Part of the Classico Collection, it’s the purest white, yet super soft.

Improved vanity lighting 

Since many bathrooms have minimal lighting, many homeowners are seeking to brighten their bathrooms. Light, bright, pink quartz can help bring light to a space, as can 1141 Pure White, a bright, crisp, and clean colour, highlighting the immaculate, super-smooth surface of Caesarstone quartz countertops.


Give the bathroom an upgrade with a modern style. Modern aesthetics embody a chic, simple, functional design that can easily work in quartz pink. 

Another alternative to pink is bright white quartz, like 2141 Blizzard, a clean and refreshing white base, sprinkled with tiny grey grains. 

modern white quartz kitchen countertop
2141 Blizzard

Pink quartz countertops: Design ideas & alternatives ー Conclusion 

In conclusion, pink quartz counters are a beautiful and practical choice for homeowners looking to add colour and style to their kitchens and bathrooms. 

For homeowners looking for a statement piece or a touch of glamour, pink quartz countertops are the perfect choice. 

Explore options online by simply clicking on the Caesarstone interactive visualizer.