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Reading: Outdoor Dining and Beyond

Outdoor Dining and Beyond

April 6, 2021
4 min read

With outdoor entertaining and dining becoming the norm and the warm weather on its way, it’s time to bring luxury to the outdoors. Caesarstone offers the very best quartz surface created to withstand the elements while bringing chic refinement to any outdoor space year-round.

Caesarstone’s Outdoor Collection sets the tone for a comfortable space built to face the sun, rain, snow and everything else nature throws at it. Quartz is meeting every challenge with ease.

406 Clearskies
405 Midday

Revolutionary Surfaces

All Caesarstone quartz surfaces are known for their durability, stain resistance and hygienic properties. The Outdoor Collection has been even further tested and proven to weather even the most extreme environmental conditions. These surfaces will not fade under harsh UV rays or crack under extreme cold. The innovative technology has been tested and proven to hold up against –30C temperatures and comes with a 10 year warranty. It’s strong enough to be used with water as a backsplash or around a pool. As with all Caesarstone products, the Outdoor Collection is easy to maintain and can be cleaned simply with soap and water. Watch this video from designer, Paule Bourbonnais for more information on these revolutionary outdoor surfaces.

Refresh and Renew

Patios have become the main source of income for many restaurants in the last year and as such, it may be time for a refresh. While reimagining the space to optimize capacity and flow, it’s a great time to also update the tables and bar tops. As most outdoor furniture starts to show its wear after only a couple seasons, quartz is a long-lasting replacement option. With simple cleaning and care, it looks brand new for years to come.

Modern Water Features

Nonporous and resistant to mold and mildew, quartz works beautifully in an outdoor kitchen while also shining in more creative applications. A rooftop pool calls for a modern poolside bar where patrons can enjoy a drink in style. Installing an outdoor-tested quartz bar top gives all the style found throughout other fine amenities while also providing a reliable worksurface that can withstand the wet environment. If there’s no room for a pool, the Outdoor Collection is also well suited for use in water features and fountains.

Outdoor Sophistication

All the elegance you expect from a Caesarstone surface with the strength to endure the elements. The Outdoor Collection is available in three versatile shades that can be utilized both outdoors and in. Use the same quartz finish inside and on the patio to seamlessly carry the restaurant’s branding and design to the outdoor dining space. This provides a stronger overall image and allows customers the same level of comfort and sophistication they would experience inside the main dining room.

Earthy Elegance

Inspired by the most popular tones available in the full range of Caesarstone products, each colour in the Outdoor Collection offers a finish that appears to be of the earth with a refined, modern feel. Bring the look of white marble outside with 515 Palm Shade. Its classic, milky white base is accented with delicate charcoal veining for a bit of depth. 406 Clearskies’ smooth, grey concrete base is a natural fit in an outdoor kitchen. The tiny flecks across the surface add character to this rugged and contemporary option. Warm grey and soft white flecks add texture and depth to the sandy white surface of 405 Midday. The neutral base blends into the beauty of nature with ease.

515 Palm Shade

Without Comparison

Take a closer look at the only outdoor quartz surfaces available and consider its many uses. Contact your Sales Representative to experience The Outdoor Collection today.