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Reading: Think Outside the Home

Think Outside the Home

April 6, 2021
3 min read

As the warm weather approaches and our living space extends outdoors, it’s the perfect time to bring the luxury of quartz outside. Caesarstone’s groundbreaking Outdoor Collection is easy to clean, proven to withstand the selects and the best option for exterior applications on the market.

Outdoor Revolution

Previously used exclusively indoors, Caesarstone’s innovative technology has made it possible to use quartz outside the home. While our quartz has always been durable, the Outdoor Collection has been rigorously tested and shown to withstand the most extreme environmental conditions. From hot, harmful UV rays in the summer to –30C temperatures in the dead of winter, the Outdoor Collection is the only selection of quartz available that’s suited for outdoor use. To learn more about this cutting edge technology, watch this video with designer, Paule Bourbonnais.

Innovative Versatility

Though many of us are utilizing our outdoor space more than ever for small gatherings and regular personal use, we may have different priorities when enhancing those spaces. A nonporous quartz surface is naturally suitable around a sink or even a babbling water fountain in the Zen garden of your dreams. Caesarstone’s quartz has extremely high rated fire resistance, making it appropriate around the backyard BBQ station. Protect the surface with a cover when not in use for optimal fade and crack resistance. With a 10 year warranty, these surfaces are a smart investment whether used inside the home or out.

Style and Strength

During the steamy summer months, utilizing an outdoor kitchen to prep, cook and serve all your meals allows your home to remain a cool escape from the heat. Find relief on the blazing hot days when you take the plunge and install a pool with a durable quartz surround. For heightened style and relaxation, a koi pond surrounded with quartz can be a visually interesting addition to the landscape.

Outside and In

The Outdoor Collection was designed to endure the outdoors while still offering the elegance you expect from a Caesarstone surface. Available in three neutral shades, there’s no reason 515 Palm Shade, 405 Midday and 406 Clearskies can’t also be used inside the home. Use the same quartz finish throughout your house and outside to create an outdoor space that feels like an extension of home. Establishing a natural flow from inside out into the fresh air for everyday living with all the comfort and sophistication of your indoor space.

Of the Earth

The three colours available in the Outdoor Collection reflect the most popular tones available in the full range of Caesarstone products. Each colour offers a refined take on surfaces that appear to be of the earth. 515 Palm Shade brings the classic look of white marble outdoors. Charcoal veins wander across the milky white base, adding a subtle accent and depth to the surface. 406 Clearskies is a smooth concrete base with a smattering of tiny flecks throughout. Rugged and contemporary, it exists naturally in an outdoor kitchen. 405 Midday is a sandy white surface with flecks of warm grey and soft white. With its texture and depth, Midday blends effortlessly with the natural beauty of nature.

405 Midday

One of a Kind

Learn more about the only outdoor quartz surfaces available and the many features of the Outdoor Collection by exploring our catalogue or visiting one of our locations.