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Reading: Quartz Countertops in Oshawa

Quartz Countertops in Oshawa

December 6, 2022
6 min read

Quartz stone has much to offer; it provides a sophisticated combination of natural beauty and innovative engineering. It offers the most elegant options in style, colour and pattern in charming quality, but it also allures homeowners with its durability and sustainability.

Here are the benefits of quartz and how to find the best quartz kitchen countertops Oshawa offers.

grey counter with pebbles and glass
1004 Stoneburst

Quartz countertops in Oshawa 101 — Why choose quartz?

Quartz is an engineered stone that is made by mixing resins with raw quartz minerals. Quartz is a major component of many types of rock, making it hard and resilient. Some other benefits of quartz include:

● Durable

● Resistant to scratches and cracks

● Heat and cold-resistant

● Safe

● Non-toxic

● Easy to maintain

● Eco-friendly

● Recyclable

Caesarstone is one of the pioneers of high-quality and long-lasting quartz countertops. Our team at Caesarstone manufactures some of the highest-quality quartz countertops in the industry, which makes our products a reliable choice for homeowners in Oshawa.

Benefits of kitchen countertops in Oshawa

Besides these listed qualities, quartz can be cleaned easily. Without using any harsh chemicals, mild soap and water can clean most spills and stains. Since the quartz is non-porous, the stains cannot penetrate this material, and harmful bacteria cannot harbour on the surface.

Additionally, quartz countertops do not require regular maintenance to prolong their life. Regular sealing is unnecessary, which makes maintenance even easier in the long run.

Caesarstone expands its portfolio with stunning collections of premium quality products, like the Pebbles Collection, according to the latest trends and demands of the customers.

Caesarstone quartz countertops in Oshawa come in different colours and patterns, which can be adapted to various concepts while renovating homes and businesses.

The extensive Caesarstone colour catalogue enables homeowners to express their own style with unique edge, shape and finish options.

These are the reasons why Oshawa homeowners often opt for quartz.

Where to buy the best quartz countertops Oshawa has to offer

When it comes to shopping for kitchen countertops Oshawa is a great place to start.

Homeowners will receive support when it comes to budget planning, materials, and installation by working with a showroom or retailer that offers Caesarstone products.

Canadian Cabinetry and Countertops Showroom

Canadian Cabinetry improves kitchens by redesigning services and enhancing the usability and durability of the kitchen area. With over 25 years of experience, their contributions not only increase the value of homes but also help homeowners’ dreams come true.

They offer services including kitchen and bathroom installation and customization with their professional team of designers, fabricators and carpenters.

Canadian Cabinetry also offers free design tips and measurements on all of their products. To see samples of cabinets and quartz countertops, homeowners can meet the design team by visiting the showroom or making an appointment.

The Kitchen Place Showroom

Since 1963, Kitchen Place has worked with talented designers specializing in interior design and has received many awards during this time.

Their team mostly uses high-quality Canadian products and offers finishes, designs and professional installations with manufacturer warranties. They also work with electricians, installers and plumbers for kitchens and bathroom renos.

After providing these services and the renovation is completed, they still commit to their clients and help them with problems that might occur in the future.

black with white veins island and backsplash
5810 Black Tempal

Trendy Cabinetry Showroom

Trendy Cabinetry prioritizes customer satisfaction and tries to find unique solutions for every client. They can execute the project in mind or develop an overall design according to their customers’ needs.

With their detail-oriented team, Trendy Cabinetry gives full support when it comes to designing concepts, building kitchens, bathrooms and installations. They guarantee customer satisfaction with superior quality products, such as Caesarstone.

Classic Kitchens & Renovations Showroom

As a Caesarstone Premier Retailer, Classic Kitchens & Renovations specializes in renovating and refacing custom kitchens and bathrooms. They display a versatile collection of some of the best countertops Oshawa has in store.

They provide cabinets and fireplace mantels for offices and homes with high-quality surfaces. They can help homeowners with any aspect of a project, from design ideas to suggesting materials, all followed with a selection of products brought together from manufacturers across the industry.

Canadian Custom Design Showroom

Established in 1989, Canadian Custom Design serves homeowners and businesses in Oshawa. They manufacture, design and install cabinets and provide various countertop materials, including quartz.

The team at Canadian Custom Design works to satisfy their clients and exceed their needs in both large and small projects with different budgets. They refinish, reface, restore, and bring back the former glory of a kitchen and bathroom without breaking the bank.

The team at Canadian Custom Design is experienced in woodworking projects and vanities in the kitchen and bathroom for residentials. However, they also install display cabinets and fixtures for commercial purposes.

biege island and backsplash with pink chairs
5104 Tuscan Dawn

SA Kitchens Showroom

SA Kitchens, aka Super Affordable Kitchens, is proud to serve products that work with every budget. They often work with recycled wood to minimize environmental impacts. Their cabinets are made of maple with a plywood box, and their quartz stones come from different manufacturers, including Caesarstone.

Sparrow Lane Interiors Showroom

Sparrow Lane Interiors pays attention to every detail, considering quality and craftsmanship to make customers happy. With a team of award-winning retail and residential design professionals, they work closely with customers to create a timeless and functional look.

They provide kitchen renovations, custom cabinetry and colour consulting services. Their team designs the concept for kitchen renovations after a consultation session according to the family’s needs and style.

They also provide cabinetry solutions for every room, such as built-in bookcases and work through colour consultations to create a harmonious effect all over the house.

Renovare Marble & Granite Showroom

Renovare Marble & Granite brings their services to the region by providing local jobs and self-sufficient communities. They believe in reducing environmental impacts and supporting the economy by teaming up with local sources and sustainable manufacturers.

In their gallery-warehouse space in Oshawa, they display quartz countertops of high-quality standards from the premium manufacturers such as Caesarstone.

Quartz countertops in Oshawa — Conclusion

With the wide range of colours and patterns that quartz offers, kitchen remodelling and renovation are easy. Thanks to quartz’s durability and long lifespan, it will continue to create timeless styles in homes.

Homeowners can visit one of the retailers or showrooms listed above to find high-quality Caesarstone quartz countertops.