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Reading: Creating the Perfect Open Concept Bathroom

Creating the Perfect Open Concept Bathroom

December 6, 2022
6 min read

Interior design trends are constantly changing, and options are getting wider for renovations and remodelling projects.

One of the newest bathroom trends in residential spaces is open concept bathrooms. Open concept bathrooms are growing in popularity thanks to their luxurious and spacious aesthetic.

Here are some key ideas that homeowners can use to create the perfect open concept bathroom.

What is an open concept bathroom and why are they becoming popular?

Open concept bathrooms (also known as a ‘wet room bathroom,’) do not separate the shower area from the rest of the bathroom. Instead, open concept bathrooms take advantage of the additional space by transitioning between the shower and vanity area. Doing this results in a minimalist, yet spacious-looking bathroom.

Because there isn’t any construction to divide the area, a seamless flow dominates the bathroom. Of course, in this case, all the materials should be sealed against water because all the surfaces’ levels are the same.

Using quartz in an open concept bathroom

An open concept bathroom is a personal area that is both cozy and aesthetically pleasing.

Its spacious concept generates a balanced flow (like in feng shui) with its effective use of the space. Also, its bright and airy design creates a bathroom space for homeowners who need a relaxing, simple, neat place to relax after a long day at work.

A minimal glass door and open concept shower gives homeowners the flexibility to complement the area with additional elements. For example, doing this allows homeowners to pair their

decor with shelves and vanity countertops. This results in a clean, clutter-free area adding to the minimalist aesthetic in the space.

To create a minimalist, Nordic-style bathroom, an open concept design is not enough on its own. Homeowners can obtain the full vibe by selecting the right surfaces, decoration and accessories.

When it comes to countertops, quartz can create a contemporary look with its sleek and clean features. Using premium quartz in several places can generate a streamlined and coherent look.

For example, homeowners that want dark-coloured countertops can opt for a product like Caesarstone’s 5810 Black Tempal from the Metropolitan Collection. 5810 Black Tempal features a charcoal texture that can add to practically any open concept bathroom.

Caesarstone’s Pebbles Collection features a variety of products that are inspired by nature. Products in the Pebbles Collection elevate bathrooms by making them more aesthetically pleasing.

For a lighter presentation, 1001 Riverlet is a fantastic option. 1001 Riverlet is often used to create a soft flow that attracts more light to the open concept bathrooms. This is in part due to its sleek, honed finish.

5130 Cosmopolitan White

Caesarstone’s 1141 Pure White features soft colours and tones, making it a great choice for open concept bathrooms.1141 Pure White is a popular option that can generate a neutral, subtle feeling in almost any bathroom.

Another key design element in the open concept bathroom is implementing contemporary faucets in sleek gold or silver metal designs. Additionally, industrial style light fixtures can contribute to this minimalist open concept bathroom.

What are the benefits of having an open concept bathroom?

Having an open concept bathroom offers several benefits. Opting for open concept bathrooms can make a small space feel larger and more open.

This can be especially beneficial in an open concept primary bathroom, where the adjacent bedroom space is often a priority in the home.

Designing an open bathroom concept is not complicated; there are several things that you can do to create a consistent, seamless space. Even a single type of tile can be chosen for the whole bathroom, and the layout can be constructed cohesively.

Open concept bathrooms can be easier to clean and maintain. There are fewer hidden spots and curves for dirt and dust to collect, and the open layout makes it easy to reach all the areas.

Another benefit of an open concept bathroom can be attracting more light into the area. Because no walls and doors occupy this space, sunlight can get into and provide a refreshing vibe in addition to improving ventilation.

beige kitchen island with gold faucet
5212 Taj Royale

Different styles for open bathroom concepts

Different design elements can add various features for functionality and aesthetics in bathrooms. Using geometric pattern tiles, glass shower enclosures, or consistent flooring can support the contemporary atmosphere of the open concept bathroom, especially when quartz countertops are featured in the space.

Shower enclosures in glass

Curbless shower enclosures are a big part of this open bathroom concept, and they can make homeowners feel like they’re in a spa without leaving the comfort of home.

An open shower concept made of frameless panels will minimize the feeling of separation between different parts of the bathroom. It also adds texture and flow, because it combines the shower with the bathroom floor.

Geometric pattern tiles

Homeowners can pair tiles that feature geometric shapes and patterns with several types of quartz countertops. Doing this is a great way for homeowners to express their unique sense of style.

Since an open bathroom looks best with contemporary colours, homeowners should consider using soothing products such as 5151 Empira White from Caesarstone. Pairing high-quality Caesarstone quartz with light-coloured hexagon tiles can look quite striking.

kitchen with white veined island
5143 White Attica

Consistent floor tile

Different floor materials can be chosen for different areas, but in this case, choosing the wrong type of tile for a bathroom can result in an overwhelming appearance. That is why choosing one type of floor tile for the whole bathroom, especially in a monochrome colour palette, adds a luxurious and sophisticated touch.

Homeowners that want a consistent type and colour of floor tile can look for a traditionally-styled quartz product for their counters, like Caesarstone’s 1006 Agger Grey. 1006 Agger Grey offers the perfect fusion of sleekness and subtlety, making it a great addition to a modern open concept bathroom.

Creating the Perfect Open Concept Bathroom – Conclusion

Homeowners stuck between a traditional layout, and an open concept bathroom should give this contemporary minimalist choice a chance.

With its refreshing and clean concept, open concept bathrooms present an opportunity to benefit from the space feasibly and support Nordic style with its clutter-free aesthetic. This layout also gives homeowners a perfect opportunity to express their own tastes.