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Reading: Small Kitchen Island Ideas 

Small Kitchen Island Ideas 

May 27, 2022
6 min read

There are countless ways that homeowners can personalize their small kitchen spaces. Homeowners can play with various styles, colours and materials in order to achieve their perfect kitchen design. The possibilities are endless!

One of the more practical ways that homeowners can personalize their small kitchen is by installing a kitchen island. Kitchen islands create more space for activities like cooking, eating, working and socializing.

Homeowners who are currently thinking about renovating their kitchen space may want to look at the following small kitchen island ideas and design tips before making a final decision.

5161 Icellion

What material should homeowners use for the surface of their kitchen island?

Homeowners can use several different materials for their kitchen islands, one of the most popular being engineered quartz.

Quartz is among the best materials for kitchen islands (and counter surfaces in general) for a wide variety of reasons, including its strength and durable nature. Quartz ranks a 7 (out of 10) on the Mohs Scale, making it one of the hardest materials on earth. This level of strength means that quartz is highly resistant to chips, cracks and scratches, and can last for many years to come despite frequent use.

However, quartz’s strength isn’t the only reason why it is a popular material for residential kitchen islands and countertops. Quartz also has the following beneficial properties:

  • Hygienic
  • Non-porous
  • Easy to clean
  • Stain-resistant
  • Easy to maintain
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Easy to install

Lastly, quartz is undeniably beautiful. Quartz comes in a variety of colours, styles and patterns, allowing homeowners to compare products until they’ve found something that feels like it was made for their home.

Small kitchen island ideas for residential spaces

The following small kitchen island ideas can drastically improve the practical nature and aesthetic value of almost any small residential cooking space.

Design Idea #1 — Freestanding kitchen island ideas for small kitchens and residential cooking spaces

Versatility and mobility are highly beneficial when it comes to small kitchens. Having the ability to move around a freestanding island with ease allows a homeowner to modify their cooking space to fit their needs for various events.

For instance, if a homeowner is preparing a large meal for their family, they may want to place their kitchen island as close to the cooking area as possible. Doing so makes it easier for the homeowner to access cooking utensils, food items, recipes etc.

In contrast, if a homeowner plans to entertain guests, they may want to move the island to the side of the kitchen. Doing so will increase the kitchen floor space and give guests a place to store cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, etc.

The style of quartz a homeowner should use will depend on their kitchen’s current (or future) colour palette. Homeowners who are looking to achieve bold, dark kitchens should install black quartz, like Caesarstone’s 3100 Jet Black or 5100 Vanilla Noir, for their island countertop. Using black quartz adds depth to a small, well-lit space without feeling too overbearing on the eyes.

On the other hand, homeowners who desire fresh, open kitchens can get the best results by using white quartz, like Caesarstone’s 5130 Cosmopolitan White or 5161 Icellion. White quartz adds a bright, crisp feel and creates the illusion of a larger space.

Design Idea #2 — Eat-in islands are ideal for small, cozy kitchens

Eat-in kitchen islands are practical and conserve space, making them an ideal option for small kitchen spaces. Homeowners that don’t have room for a kitchen table can opt for an eat-in island. Although they may not be as large as a conventional dining table, eat-in kitchen islands still give families a space to share meals together.

A good choice for small kitchen island ideas with seating, like eat-in islands, is a monochromatic style of quartz, like Caesarstone’s 1001 Riverlet or 1004 Stoneburst. Monochromatic quartz countertops look timeless, clean and aren’t too boisterous for small spaces.

Homeowners can opt for something with more detail, like veined quartz, but need to do so carefully. If the homeowner doesn’t integrate their quartz surfaces into the space correctly, it can make a kitchen look too “busy” and take away its aesthetic value.

Design Idea #3 — Using kitchen islands to store bulky items

Every inch of floor space counts when coming up with small kitchen island ideas. Because of this, homeowners need to get creative in order to keep things clean and organized. One of the innovative ways that homeowners can cut down on wasted space is by storing items inside of their kitchen islands.

A handy homeowner or craftsperson can create and install doors onto the wooden base of a kitchen island. Homeowners can use this additional space to store large or bulky items, like garbage pails, compost bins, etc.

To be safe, homeowners should decide that they want to add doors to their kitchen island before installing their quartz countertops. Making this choice sooner rather than later will make this process quicker and easier.

1001 Riverlet
1001 Riverlet

Who manufactures quartz countertops in Canada?

There are a handful of quartz countertop manufacturers in Canada, one of the most well-known being Caesarstone. Caesarstone has a long history of manufacturing top-of-the-line quartz products for both homeowners and business owners in Canada.

Homeowners can have peace of mind when they purchase Caesarstone products, as we produce some of the highest-quality quartz countertops in the country. What sets Caesarstone’s quartz countertops apart from the competition? Caesarstone uses a state-of-the-art engineering process that allows us to craft products with up to 90% quartz minerals. Not to mention, Caesarstone’s process is eco-friendly, so homeowners don’t have to worry about their countertop’s impact on the planet.

Want to see how a specific Caesarstone product would look in a home? Simply check out Caesarstone’s 3D interactive visualizer tool. This innovative tool allows homeowners and business owners to compare various Caesarstone products at the click of a button, making it that much easier to find the perfect match.

Please remember that Caesarstone does not install or repair quartz countertops or quartz products in residential or commercial spaces. Caesarstone is a manufacturer that solely manufactures high-quality, premium quartz products. Please speak with a professional for assistance installing or repairing quartz countertops in a residential or commercial space.