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Reading: Unique and Timeless: 2021 Design Trends

Unique and Timeless: 2021 Design Trends

August 25, 2021
4 min read

While most homeowners are in search of a timeless style that will make their investment a long-lasting one, trends are always changing and it’s the job of the designer to tailor those trends to their client. With the return of home entertaining after a long year inside, the desire to change things up is a natural one. Here’s a breakdown of the newest and most unexpected trends for 2021. 

5151 Empira White

From Light to Dark 

All-white kitchens are always on-trend and always look fresh. While they remain a popular design style, we’re seeing a shift towards a darker palette in the kitchen. Black cabinets and dark flooring are complemented beautifully by brass or gold hardware. Explore the art of darkness with our Dark Collection. The Art Deco glam look is also the perfect space for a bright Caesarstone quartz countertop to really pop. Some clients may be nervous about the room looking too dark or bold and a white countertop may be enough to ease their worries. 5151 Empira White is elegant in its own right and brings lightness back into the dramatic design. Explore other light surfaces from our Whitelight Collection

515 Palm Shade

Making Changes 

The past year saw many companies shifting to a fully remote workplace. Some employees may be interested in improving their home workspace and a customized Caesarstone quartz desktop is a surface they’ll actually look forward to working on. Smooth, resistant to ink stains, and easily cut down to the size needed, it’s a material that will work well in any size office. 

For clients living in smaller spaces or without a dedicated home office space, they may be interested in making bigger layout changes or finding creative ways to conceal the kitchen. They may not have time to tidy up after lunch but still want an orderly-looking background for their next video conference call. Enclosing the kitchen fully or adding a half wall to disguise the sink area may be an attractive option for a client with these concerns.  

Explore other kitchen layout options

405 Midday

From the Inside Out 

Some homeowners may have grown accustomed to more of an emphasis on outdoor living in the last year and may want to expand on that in their home design. With the addition of a covered back patio, fully equipped outdoor kitchen, and bi-fold doors, their living and entertaining space is extended and ready for a summer of barbecuing and meals shared with friends. 

Caesarstone quartz can be utilized to further expand upon the outdoor space in a wide variety of unexpected applications. Place Caesarstone around a pool or waterfall feature for a beautifully serene environment. Use it around an outdoor fireplace or drop-in fire pit to turn the yard or patio into a space to be enjoyed well into the cooler months. For an outdoor kitchen that stands the test of time, explore Caesarstone’s groundbreaking Outdoor Collection to create a grill area or expansive outdoor dining table. 

Ahead of the Curve 

Though minimalism and clean lines have been popular for several years now, rounding those lines is a subtle way to refresh this highly sought-after look. Unexpected shapes and curved countertop edges bring out the softer side of mid-century modern design and are also a safer modern option for a family home with young children. 

5222 Adamina

An Unexpected Entrance 

Though Caesarstone Quartz has long been a go-to for those in the field of home design and construction, it’s often seen as strictly a countertop material. Its extreme durability, ease of cleaning, and long-lasting, beautiful design make it an incredible choice for kitchen surfaces, but its versatility is often overlooked.  

Great design is in the small details like trim. While curved archways are currently having a moment, visual interest can be added to an interior doorway by trimming the door with Caesarstone quartz. A living space with milky white walls may benefit from the light contrast of 5222 Adamina around the entrance. Set the tone for a dark and moody room with 4735 Oxidian at the entry.  

These contrasting tones of quartz can also be beautifully featured in a bathroom when used to create a chic and intricate design on the shower walls. These unexpected details are a huge reason why homeowners hire professional designers, and they can help bring a room to life. 

4735 Oxidian

Choosing Favourites 

When you sign up for a Caesarstone account, you’ll be able to utilize the Caesarstone favourites tool to easily organize preferred material options for various jobs or make it a collaborative effort and encourage clients to select and share their favourites with you. Beyond saving your favourite colours, save images from the Inspiration Gallery, scenes from the Visualiser tool, and helpful blogs from Written in Stone

For more information, including ordering samples, please contact your Sales Representative. 

Disclaimer: *Although beautiful, not all applications and installations are covered under our Caesarstone warranty. Be sure to follow installation guidelines and review the Caesarstone warranty on our website before finalizing any design or application