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Reading: Unveiling Caesarstone’s Product Catalogue for 2024

Unveiling Caesarstone’s Product Catalogue for 2024

April 24, 2024
5 min read

Caesarstone is excited to welcome you to an array of spectacular new designs all backed by our lifetime warranty and unwavering commitment to quality. With our latest release, our world-class surfaces catalogue further innovates with the introduction of our new One of a Kind Collection. Our latest evolution of surfaces reinvents veining and dimension through impeccable detail. Each surface is designed with purposeful elements, movement and depth. From our new releases to our customer favourites Caesarstone has you covered with countless design options to create extraordinary spaces.

We’re excited to share the Caesarstone 2024 Product Catalogue, our diverse collection of all-time favourites and new designs, empowering you to express your style and individuality in your spaces.

As a pioneer in the industry, we continue to combine creativity and expertise in design trends to deliver surfaces that not only let you express who you are and enrich your life but also add a spark of joy to the creative process. 

Achieve a Perfect Blend of Luxury and Sophistication With Our Newest Quartz Surface

Design trends may change and evolve, but you can always count on Caesarstone’s range of quartz surfaces to deliver the same beauty, durability, and strength. Our innovative approach to design ensures our surfaces elevate your living spaces’ visual appeal and functionality. 

Joining our collection of Quartz Surfaces this 2024 is the 5116 Calacatta Nectar, a stunning design featuring a radiant white base decorated with earthy veins and bands of light grey and golden orange. Its golden hues and earthy veins add warmth to any space, while its light grey tones provide a sense of balance and calm.

507 Marbannova

There’s also the 5152 Goldfinch, which features a mesmerizing display of sandy veins over a pristine white canvas, creating a tapestry of earthen tones. Its warm metallic hues blend seamlessly with subtle neutrals and shades of deep amber, mirroring the dynamic beauty of a desert scene sculpted by the wind.

5118 Calacatta Scoria features a bright white backdrop richly textured with a juxtaposition of bold oversized black veins wandering in a granular stream of dark minerals and brownish deposits.

Those looking to make a statement with their countertop will surely find 5118 Calacatta Scoria interesting. It showcases an exquisite design with its luminous white base adorned with striking, large black streaks weaving through complex dark minerals and brownish deposits. This pattern flows naturally, creating a dynamic and organic movement across the surface, embodying an elegant yet bold aesthetic.

Other quartz designs worth watching out for are:

542 Mosstone

New Porcelain Surfaces To Look Forward To

Stretching the boundaries of surface innovation, seven new additions to our Porcelain surfaces, offer detail depth and beauty along with tough, heat-resistant, and modern designs. View the new additions to the collection as well as some highlights below:

For those who appreciate the detail in the design, meet 507 Marbannova, a luxuriously silky warm white base perfectly complemented by a dynamic rush of gold, taupe, and grey lines that dissolve into a sedimentary cloud.

581 Lucilla

This unique design adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any interior design. Whether you’re looking to update your kitchen or bathroom countertops, the 507 Marbannova delivers timeless beauty and elegance sure to withstand the test of time and become a beloved centrepiece of your home. 

Those looking to give their kitchen or bathroom countertops an interesting twist will surely appreciate the 542 Mosstone, one of our newest porcelain surfaces featuring a milky base with streaks of muted sage and darker mossy infusions. The design captures the movement of time over natural stone, adding character and visual appeal to any residential or commercial space. Best of all, it pairs well with various colour schemes and design styles, making it a suitable choice for both modern and traditional interiors.

Meanwhile, the 581 Lucilla is a stunning porcelain surface that can add a touch of luxury and elegance to any interior space. Its soft, silky white colour with a weathered metamorphic rock texture gives it an interesting and alluring look that can complement various interior design styles and colour schemes.

It can be paired with darker shades such as black, dark grey, or navy blue to create a beautiful contrast and a classic, sophisticated look. Alternatively, a more subdued and serene look can be achieved by pairing the 581 Lucilla with lighter shades like cream, beige, or light grey.

550 Silvax

Make Your Home a Reflection of Your Style and Experiences With Caesarstone

With the launch of our latest catalogue, Caesarstone continues to uphold the superior standards that our customers have come to expect. The world’s best surface designs all backed by our commitment to quality and a lifetime warranty. Our ever-evolving collections represent our promise to enrich your life and elevate the look and feel of your home, one surface at a time.

Start your project off with one of our inspiring designs, with an array of materials and colours you are sure to find something that feels like home.

If you’re interested in enhancing your home with one of our inspiring designs, check out all the other styles in our catalogue and get a glimpse of your new countertop.