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Reading: 4 Finishing Touches Home Decor Ideas To Inspire Your Styling Project

4 Finishing Touches Home Decor Ideas To Inspire Your Styling Project

April 29, 2024
4 min read

Do you ever feel that something is missing from one of your rooms but can’t pinpoint what it is? When designing any room, you might find that some rooms need a few finishing touches before it feels like your room’s elements finally come together. 

There are several ways to update your space using colours, accessories, and surfaces. Whether it’s a plant to add life to your spaces, a fresh coat of paint on an accent wall, or a textured countertop, there are plenty of ways to add a finishing touch to home decor pieces in your room. It always comes down to that final touch, so here are some ways to achieve that. 

Explore Different Textures

In both living and dining rooms, featuring an eclectic yet harmonious array of textures from different décour pieces can add incredible depth and character to a space. Let your design style lead you, whether incorporating velvet curtains alongside wooden blinds in one area or introducing worn and rustic bookshelves to your contemporary bedroom.

Different textures can give a room a familiar, welcoming aura. Pair the course with smooth, cashmere with leather, and vintage with contemporary.

Add To Your Neutral Spaces

Beige and white are some of the most common colours for many different rooms in a home. As tried and true as these colourways have been, adding too much of these can be overwhelming. Contrast is key, and adding some spice to your rooms can add character and personality to your white walls.

Contrast can be useful in many forms, but using those colours appropriately is important. Add eye-opening pops of colour from vibrant house plants, bright decorative rugs, or a centrepiece mirror, painting, or art frame. Those who don’t want to deal with priming and painting an accent wall can hang a decorative piece that serves as a focal point. 

Nordic L-shape Kitchen Caesarstone 1141 Pure White | 2996
1141 Pure White

Have a Consistent Kitchen Theme

Minimalist, southern rustic, Midtown contemporary, and more – there are endless themes and fusions of one or more themes, so it’s no surprise that sticking to one consistent theme can be a handful. However, for kitchens, one of the busiest spaces in a home, these design styles can determine the house’s overall theme.

Curating the perfect kitchen begins with floors and countertops. Quartz countertops are a popular choice for kitchen spaces due to their durability, versatility, and unique finish that adds visual appeal to the surrounding environment. 

For instance, Caesarstone’s 1141 Pure White accentuates a contemporary white kitchen with sharpness and sleekness. On the other hand, 4004 Raw Concrete complement brass fixtures and wooden cabinets.

4004 Raw Concrete

Layer Your Finishes and Accessories

When done correctly, layering exerts depth and volume. In order to avoid unnecessary stress planning your designs, it’s best to start with the basics: rugs, window coverings, and lighting. These elements add to the room’s foundation and allow you to build up with more decorative pieces.

Layering is a process that takes time, though. Some of the best rooms come because of the people, places, and things we encounter. For many, that means stacking and gathering the finishing touch home decor pieces you find with time. Put that abstract painting over the antique bookshelf and stack those vintage books next to a postmodern reading lamp. Anything can be an accessory when you put your mind to it. 

Add Caesarstone to Your Rooms For Stunning Stone Pieces

Interior decorating is no joke of a task—it is a meticulous mix of style, taste, and awareness. Finding the right balance of budget-friendly accessories and creating a space reflective of the personality of the people living in it is not easy. From the countertops to the bedroom walls, the colours, finishes, and your theme are more than a style statement; they’re a human statement.

Caesarstone has a wide variety of colours and textures to give a finishing touch to home decor and styles needed. Visit the Caesarstone Gallery to browse for the perfect surface that fits your vision, or order your sample kit to compare surfaces and see the quality of our products in person.