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Reading: White Kitchen Marble Countertops: Design Ideas

White Kitchen Marble Countertops: Design Ideas

April 24, 2023
6 min read

When it comes to kitchen countertops, there are countless options to choose from, including white marble.

Designing a cooking space with white kitchen marble countertops creates a modern, sleek, and timeless appearance. The bright colour creates a larger feeling of space which reflects natural light. 

While some fear white countertops (because they’re under the assumption that they will easily stain), that is a misconception. Keeping white marble kitchen countertops clean is easy with a little routine maintenance. When there is a spill, simply wipe them with a soft cloth right away, keeping them in tip-top shape. 

White kitchen marble countertops also have the benefit of being complementary to any design.

brown and white kitchen with marble countertops
505 Archetta

White marble countertop designs

Here are some popular design ideas for kitchens with white marble countertops:

A mélange

Choosing one theme or aesthetic for a kitchen is an important decision. After all, kitchens are used every day and should reflect the style and functionality of a person’s lifestyle. 

However, selecting one design can be difficult because there are many options available. One solution could be to choose a white marble countertop that looks like Caearstone’s 505 Archetta, and then build a mélange of different styles around it. This way, there is the opportunity to incorporate different tastes that anchor to a neutral centrepiece like a white countertop


Renovations are expensive—creating a classic look helps homeowners avoid the need to upgrade their kitchens, as the design will last through the ages. Choosing a countertop that looks like Caesarstone’s 5151 Empira, a timeless white base, touched by the movement of soft shadows, can be one element to building a timeless kitchen. Complement white kitchen cabinets with marble countertops to get the best results. 

Adding a pop of colour with appliances or accented decor will maintain the classic look while including a unique feature to the design.


Farmhouse kitchen styles prioritize rustic charm, practicality, and simplicity. They tend to include elements of rural architecture, with hints of modern components. Selecting a white countertop that features gold-brown streaks that effortlessly join with the natural and rustic appearance of the farmhouse beige tones. The marble’s colour will pair well as a neutral centre, allowing the decor to take the spotlight.

white kitchen marble countertop island
5151 Empira

Throwback to the past

While some wish to modernize kitchen spaces, others are looking to the past for inspiration. Pairing a white kitchen marble countertop with light grey undertones with dark wood cabinets and new furnishings allows for an older-inspired design to be infused with modern elements. 

This option is great for those looking for the best of the past and present. The contrast between white marble kitchen counters and dark cabinets also allows for other more colourful elements to shine through.


Minimalism in the kitchen focuses on few items that are functional. Countertops that look like Caesarstone’s 504 Lumena, a pearl-white backdrop crisscrossed with crackling dark grey veins, is a unique, but not overpowering design that delivers the best minimalist look because it’s clean, neutral, and classic. 

This white kitchen marble countertop will help fill the space by making it look and feel larger, allowing the minimalist intentions to shine brighter. Consider adding sleek lines, functional pieces, and the occasional pop of colour to tie and enhance a minimalist kitchen design together.


Two-toned kitchens are a design choice that will never go out of style. They are also versatile in the way that a designer can choose what tones to use and in what sections of the kitchen. For an elevated and distinctive look, use a countertop that looks like 5114 Calacatta, a bold mix of warm neutrals on a white backdrop, with highlights of golden-copper lines. 

Match this countertop’s colours with the cabinets and then pair the ensemble with deep navy blue decor. These colours will complement each other’s warm and cool tones.


A coastal kitchen design embodies a soft colour palette, featuring notes from the sand and the sea. This design uses natural materials and wood for decor. Pair a white kitchen marble countertop with soft coastal colours and decor. Embrace comfort and calmness with this type of design.


A sleek kitchen elicits effortless feelings of comfort—they are built for all people’s tastes and styles. Start a sleek-styled kitchen with a countertop with a pure white base infused with bold light-grey veining. This type of countertop is the base for building a sleek design inclusive of neutral grey cabinets and modern, but functional, furnishings and appliances.

White kitchen marble countertops: Design ideas — Conclusion 

Designing a kitchen can be a lot of work. Adding a white kitchen marble countertop creates a unique neutral base to build any design or aesthetic off of. With lots of options and variations, there is a countertop to suit everyone’s creative visions. 

Caesarstone has a variety of white marble kitchen countertops to choose from. Click the following link to find the closest retailer

Homeowners can also use the Caesarstone visualizer tool to get a better idea of how countertops influence a kitchen. 

Homeowners that want an alternative to white marble countertops can check out Caesarstone’s Pebbles Collection—a great option for those looking for a natural and organic feel. The Pebbles Collection also offers five new sustainable surfaces that nurture comfort and calmness. 

white kitchen with marble countertop
5114 Calacatta


Here are some common questions about marble countertops:

Do white countertops stain easily?

White marble kitchen countertops can stain easily, if the spill isn’t cleaned up swiftly. So, next time red wine, juice, tea, or coffee is spilled, grab a soft cloth and wipe it away.

Do white countertops show dirt?

White marble countertops can show dirt. To avoid this, clean up any spills or messes right away. This way the countertops will remain consistent, classic, and clean.

Do white countertops go with cherry cabinets?

Yes, since cherry wood is darker, white marble kitchen countertops help to balance out the kitchen.

Do white countertops go with maple cabinets?

Yes, maple cabinets and white countertops offer a beautiful balance between the warm tones and light and bright colours.

Are white countertops in style?

Of course. White marble kitchen countertops are timeline and classic. They are an ideal choice because they work with all design styles. White quartz countertops are also a great alternative for homeowners that want white counters but aren’t interested in marble.