Bathroom Colors - Choose The Perfect Color Scheme

You might spend thousands of dollars on a bathroom renovation project, but if you don’t pick out the right colors for your bathroom color scheme, then you’re not going to like it in the long run. And unlike other areas of the home, when the color doesn’t suit you in the bathroom, changing out expensive tiles, countertops and fixtures isn’t an option. Choose the right color the first time and enjoy your bathroom colors for years to come.

Color Wheel
One of the most overlooked, yet simple tips to helping you choose the right bathroom color scheme is by getting a color wheel. You can print one out on the internet or pick one up at your local paint store, but either way, it’s an invaluable free tool that’s useful for finding out what colors match—and which ones don’t. Purple and yellow go together since they are directly across from one another on the color wheel—that’s called a complimentary color. Analogous colors match (like green and blue) work well together as they are directly next to each other on the color wheel.

Black Bathroom Countertop - Caesarstone

The Three Way Color Scheme
For choosing the best color scheme possible in any space, you’ll want to pick three of your favorite colors. You’ll need to pick out a main color, an accent color and a rich color for a perfect three color bathroom color scheme. Let your main color shine on through beautiful Caesarstone countertops. It’s also wise to use your main color in other places in the space—particularly on décor materials like towels, soap dispensers and furnishings.

Organic Neutrals
Bathroom color schemes tend to look their best when you choose a color scheme that’s based on organic elements. Robin egg blues, sea foam greens, clay reds and earth browns are all great colors for a bathroom renovations neutral base colors. Decorate the space with bright and bold colors if you like, but stick to a 70/30 ratio of organic-based colors versus bold, dark or bright colors.

Bathroom Color Scheme - Caesarstone

Contrasting Bright Colors
If you’re going to accent your bathroom space with bright and bold accent colors, it’s a wise idea to add a second contrasting bold color to the mix to help balance out the design. Whether they are complimentary or analogous is simply a matter of personal preference but be sure they fit together to help break the effect of one stand out color.

Bathroom Design - Caesarstone

Big Bathroom Color Scheme
Many designers decide to choose darker colors in the larger bathroom space—and that’s ok. But don’t neglect lighter colors either. Defining a larger bathroom space is easy when you use accent colors to decorate a particular wall or area of the space with a contrasting lighter or darker color than the main base color. Avoid large mirrored areas as well and you’ll be able to separate specific areas of a larger bathroom easier.

Small Bathroom Color Scheme
One of the biggest mistakes when it comes to making a smaller bathroom feel larger is to paint the entire room white. You don’t necessarily need an all-white space to make it feel bigger. Darker colors suit a small bathroom space just fine and in fact, with the right three color bathroom color scheme, darker bathroom colors can really make a small bathroom feel larger than it really is.

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