Bringing 13 New Colours to the Surface

Bringing 13 New Colours to the Surface

With insight from nature and an eye on the future, Caesarstone launches the full 2016 colour collection.

Incorporating the classic beauty of natural stone and emerging colour trends, each one brings a singular statement of inspired design to any surface and every room.

Launched earlier in 2016, 1111 Vivid White​ is a​ classic evolved. An addition to the varied assortment in the Classico Collection, this new premium design celebrates the timelessness of the colour in our brightest, whitest tone.

Three recent additions to the Supernatural Series for 2016 are 5031 Statuario Maximus, 5211 Noble Grey and 5104 Tuscan Dawn. Inspired by the colours and patterns found in nature, these designs achieve the exquisite appearance of natural stone with a variety of intricate veining amidst striking yet classic colours.

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Countertop and Backsplash: 5031 Statuario Maximus

Traditional gets a bold new interpretation in 5143 White Attica. Inspired by natural marble, its soft white background is enriched with elaborate veining in varying shades of grey. 6134 Georgian Bluffs lends a welcome organic warmth to the industrial design trend with an off-white hue and extremely delicate soft grey veining.​

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Countertop: 6134 Georgian Bluffs

Reflecting the striking simplicity and enduring beauty of Scandinavian design and beguiling natural landscapes, the refined 6041 Nordic Loft features warm taupe speckling and brilliant flecks that lend additional character throughout the surface.

Imbuing the industrial look of granite with increased strength and durability are six new colours of striking sophistication.

6607 Snowy Cliffs takes natural elegance to new heights with its warm tones of white and beige enhanced by rich, dark brown embellishments.

6611 Himalayan Moon and 6623 Collarada Drift bring alpine inspiration from the mountaintop and beyond to your modern interior, with dramatic patterning creating an impressive sense of scale.

6684 Caldera is the new black, with a breathtaking, multi-hued deep brown enriched with darker brown-to-black accents, cream veining and prominent flecks throughout.

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Countertop: 6684 Caldera

Rounding out the granite-inspired creations, a cascade of delicate swirling and speckling converge in 6616 Cascata, while an organic warmth and rich earth tones give 6634 Baja Gold a subtle shimmer and shine.

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