Introducing the 2017 colours

New and notable

Too beautiful to be confined to the background, Caesarstone’s 2017 colour collection brings new depth to the contemporary and classic in five engaging designs. From the loft-inspired look of Rugged Concrete to the earthy granite appeal of Moorland Fog, these are the colours that will inspire you this year and beyond.

4033 Rugged Concrete

Reflecting the shift towards more industrial interiors and the converted loft aesthetic, concrete has emerged as the key element. Achieved for the first time ever in a quartz material, Rugged Concrete accentuates the look of real concrete through its unique imperfections and textural gradients of grey. Symbolic of urban environments, it pairs well with neutral palettes that soften its raw edge. Lighter parquets and oxidised metallics can add a sense of luxury, especially with gold tones. Organic tiles and natural materials, like wooden accessories and porous ceramics, add a welcome contrast and complete the composition. Combining this industrial aesthetic with renowned durability and ease of care, kitchen and bathroom countertops employ the stone’s rough surface in clean lines that feel Zen, perfectly complementing teak, glass or slate.

6046 Moorland Fog

Reflecting the special depth of real granite and embellished with swirls of light and dark tones, Moorland Fog was inspired by the strikingly murky qualities of natural elements like fog or clouds. With monochromes continuing as a trend in our kitchens and bathrooms, this contemporary interpretation of classic natural stone is versatile enough for both open, light-filled spaces and more traditional rooms. The nuanced neutrals in this sophisticated design ease into modern lifestyles, perfectly accompanied by soothing palettes, brushed metals, organic ceramics and other graphic accents. Its brown and dark grey veins gently unite its creamy surface with parquets and accessories, often in multiple shades of wood.

5043 Montblanc

Featuring a harmonious light grey base dominated by rich, warmer lines that vary in thickness, Montblanc reflects the uniqueness of natural stone. Darker dashes enrich its delicate nature with emotional depth, enhancing this harmonious hue with texture while maintaining Caesarstone’s easy care and maintenance. Complementing minimal, modern architecture, it makes for sleek bar tops that set the scene for contemporary stools and accessories, and coordinates well with industrial faucets, lights and utensils. Mottled ceramics, carved spoons or crafted vases add a handmade touch to otherwise architectural interiors.

6313 Turbine Grey

A rural aesthetic has influenced contemporary kitchens, as real food, slow cooking and organic ingredients shape the way we eat. Alongside this wholesome movement, grey stone has emerged as a key design element, represented in quartz as Turbine Grey. Its nuanced palette of swirls, and dark grey and white veining capture the rich texture of genuine granite. This intricate surface pairs beautifully with traditional wooden cabinets with a modern twist, rustic farm tables, anthracite green paints, dark woods, slate floors and pane windows. Crafted ceramics, thick cutting boards and coloured enamel kettles complete this sturdy yet comforting environment.

5143 White Attica

Traditional gets a bold new interpretation in White Attica, first revealed in late 2016. Inspired by natural marble, its clean white base is enriched with dense, dark grey interwoven veins for a look that’s classic, current and timeless. Whether you’re looking for industrial chic or established elegance, this powerful design can upgrade any interior with its striking presence and depth. And with Caesarstone’s outstanding scratch and stain resistance, White Attica elevates the look of natural marble with unparalleled practicality.

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