Choosing Kitchen Furniture

Navigating easily through your kitchen space is a must. When hot plates, cold drinks and dirty dishes are on the move, a kitchen space that’s not well designed is going to get hectic quickly. If your current kitchen isn’t quite up to your current kitchen lifestyle, you may find that new kitchen furniture is exactly what you need to help redefine your kitchen space and make it more efficient. You’ll not only get more use out of your kitchen space, but you’ll also be able to accent your kitchen styling more effectively. Use this guide to selecting kitchen furniture and get the most out your kitchen space.

Simple Blueprints Help
You don’t have to be a design expert or an architect to design a simple blueprint for your kitchen space. You also don’t have to draw like Picasso to map out your essential kitchen space. Just make a simple floor plan of your kitchen and map out corners, cabinets, islands, outlets, fixtures and appliances. The drawing doesn’t have to be to scale, but penciling accurate dimensions can help you to find the right furnishings for your kitchen area. Once complete, you can use the drawing to help you find the best layout for your kitchen space.

The biggest factor when deciding upon kitchen furnishings is the color. Obviously, a purple cart isn’t going to match your brown kitchen cabinets very well. But you don’t have to have a perfect color match to choose the right furniture for your kitchen. Contrasting colors can really help to make kitchen furniture and accessories stand out in the crowded kitchen. Choose a color of furniture that’s next to, opposite or the same shade of the color of your kitchens current on the color wheel and you’ll be sure to pick the right color furniture to match your existing kitchen perfectly.


Translate your Current Kitchen Design to your new Furnishings
This can be a difficult part of picking out kitchen furnishings for many homeowners. That’s because when you see something useful for your kitchen, you immediately want to use it for your kitchen space, even if it doesn’t quite match the current design theme in your kitchen space. There are numerous materials available for kitchen furniture. From stainless steel to all wood, mixing and matching furniture features might not be in your best interests. Stick with the style you have (or will have) and you’re kitchen furnishings will not only work well for you, they’ll work well with your kitchen design too.

Function vs. Fashion
Choosing the right design theme for your kitchen furnishings can have the opposite effect as well. If you’re buying kitchen furnishings just to decorate your kitchen and not because they are useful, then you probably shouldn’t be buying kitchen furniture at all. The very best kitchen furnishings are those that work for the space as well as work in the space. Take inventory of your kitchen supplies before buying kitchen furniture to help you find furniture to fill the need rather than the style.

Quality vs. Price
Because kitchen furniture takes a lot of abuse from chopping to stacking to heating, they need to be well built. If you’re looking to save money on your kitchen remodeling budget and you’re thinking of buying cheap kitchen furniture—you may want to think again. While not all kitchen furniture has to be expensive to be good quality, it does pay to be thorough in your review of all kitchen furniture you’re considering purchasing. If it’s not strong enough to be up to the task, you’re better off without it.

Good furnishings for the kitchen space are a good start to a well-designed and fashionable kitchen space. But without the right accessories, your kitchen furnishings are going to look lonely and bland. Great matching accessories like a butcher block knife holder or copper pots on a stainless steel cart add the perfect touch to your new stylish kitchen furniture.

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