Country Kitchen Ideas - Essential Tips

6 essential tips for your perfect country kitchen

A country kitchen is at once warm and inviting while revolving around functionality, often drawing inspiration from old farmhouses.
Nostalgia and whimsical touches shine when paired with modern convenience, and will give you a kitchen that performs to today’s standards, while encouraging the communal cooking affairs of yesterday. These are the 6 things to consider when designing an authentic country kitchen.


Country kitchens traditionally featured a wooden countertop, which though use build character. Today, butcher block countertops are a viable option that lends authenticity to a modern country kitchen with sleek stainless appliances. Ceramic tiles are also popular, along with natural stone or marble. Choosing light colours and natural materials all lend a part in creating a country kitchen.

Country Kitchen Design - Caesarstone


Cabinets should be plentiful and celebrate the material they’re made of. Light finishes, such as honey oak or natural pine are common, as are more rustic, distressed cabinets which unashamedly feature knots and nicks in the wood grain, features which would most likely be out of place in a purely modern kitchen.

If a more polished look is what you’re after, consider painting your cabinets in a glossy cream or white. You could also use tinted milk paint on the frames of your glass kitchen cabinets, in pastel shades of green, yellow, or blue. Beadboard is also an excellent option to provide texture and visual appeal. Incorporating vintage hardware like wrought iron or brushed nickel hinges and handles can help enhance the rustic feel.



The top choices for a country kitchen floor are word, stone and tiles. Stone surfaces of course are a natural fit, either flagstone or quartz floor panels. Broad plank hardwood like oak or maple also make a great rustic floor. Terracotta tiles are another good choice which add warmth, while slate is yet another option, though it can be subject to breaking and flaking under heavy use.

Planning country kitchen - Caesarstone


Furniture and Accessories

Furniture made from natural materials using good craftsmanship is ideally suited to an authentic country kitchen. Solid wood furniture is ideal for creating a warm, comfortable feeling in a brand new kitchen. Vintage hutches with leaded glass accents can be spectacular when showcased in a room that’s filled with touches true to turn of the century farmhouses.

Built-ins and display shelves with rich wood grains shining through, or painted in high gloss will be perfect to display your family’s cherished china dishes, or the knick knacks that are prevalent in country homes.
If horizontal space is limited, consider hanging storage racks from the ceiling. From these you can hang copper pots, iron skillets, pans, and wall hooks can be used for colanders, spatulas and other utensils. Ceramic crocks with a collection of aged wooden spoons on the counter, a pitcher filled with wildflowers on the table, and a glass pump with soap on the sink will be the sort of details that will make your country kitchen a truly homely haven.

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